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I just remember thinking how scared I was. I wasn’t on social media for a very long time. And it’s because I was scared of being seen, and being honest in that way. I think that Carrie was such a great example of that, of just being seen always openly, honestly, unapologetically, not being ashamed of who she was. I want to try as much as I can to be that way. We live in a world where we tend to hide a lot of our flaws, and we try to put on makeup and dresses, and all these things. And I’m just like…if we all just were okay and open with all of our insecurities, ’cause we all have them, and we’re all not perfect, then maybe the world will be better. So I’m trying to do that.“ - Kelly Marie Tran


Should we have let people die, all in the name of your “law”?! Isn’t it a hero’s job to save people?“

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Haikyuu!! OP/ED songs

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⇁plums & melons | 02

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pairing⇁Jimin x Reader

genre⇁drama, smut || brother’s best friend!au

warnings⇁public indecency, masturbation, dry humping, jungkook, things that shouldn’t happen in a closet, a brief mention of tentacle porn;;

word count⇁7.5k

The long time running game between you and your brother’s best friend started when you noticed his fascination with boobs—yours specifically. It was never supposed to amount to more than harmless flirting and lingering glances, but now, one year later, Jimin was ready to change that.

alternatively: Jimin and you play a game. the loser is fucked. metaphorically. literally. all the above??

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