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Hey I love your scenarios. Can I please request a guanlin college au? Thank you!!

Thank you for loving my writing!! ❤❤ Sorry this took so long, i’m in the midst of all my final assignments and midterms at uni right now, but here you go!! It’s a bit more friendship with a hint of potential future relationship so maybe i’ll do a part 2 sometime later on if you’d like? Enjoy! 

Kuanlin college!AU (that kinda wasnt a college au, idk i got a bit sidetracked by basketball lmao)  ALSO HAPPY BDAY KUANLIN BBY HOPE UR SWEET SIXTEENTH IS LOVELY LIKE U KIDDO

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  • he’s well known around campus as THE international student 
  • like a guy who appeared from a manga/manhwa, he has godly features and proportions
  • just a very perfect looking human
  • He’s also the guy that still seems to be having a growth spurt because you swear he’s taller than he was a month ago
  • Has a keen interest in languages, so he’s doing a double degree in Korean and English
  • People’s first impression of him are always that he’s this really cool guy
  • He has this signature outfit of a bomber jacket and ripped jeans
  • and sunglasses
  • Everyone’s eyes are always drawn to him immediately
  • “he looks like a celebrity!”
  • as soon as he took off his sunglasses and sat down, he gave everyone this cute gummy smile and introduced himself 
  • Despite his fashionable attire, he’s rather introverted and sticks to the same group of friends
  • The first time you met was in class at the start of your first year
  • you were running late because you had gotten lost because there had been a mistake in the timetable
  • you had made it in the correct building but it was seriously like a maze
  • and there was like 2 minutes left until the lecture would start but you were still so lost
  • 1 minute to go and you were about to give up
  • when Kuanlin strolls past you leisurely
  • He’s about to turn the corner when he glances back at you
  • “um…”

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Here’s my advice. No matter what be yourself. That’s it. Just be you. Whatever you feel walking into the room you feel. That’s your truth. Don’t deny it. Don’t fight it. If you’re nervous you are nervous. If you’re scared you’re scared. Don’t try to change how you feel on the day. Embrace it.

Sebastian Stan // August 13th, 1982.


❝ Trying to catch your heart, is like trying to catch a star.❞

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