happy bday:''

sorry for the birthday spam! im not able to tag asks on mobile unfortunately, so apologies for that!

anyways id like to say a big big thank you to everybody who wished me a happy birthday and to all my friends who make this a special day for me, i am so so grateful and thankful that i have u all by my side

id also like to tag some ppl on here in particular who i love with my entire life and yknow if u arent following them yet, check them out! they are all great people and im just so happy i got to meet them in this life!! ❤️❤️❤️
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I just first and foremost wanted to say a HUGE “Happy Birthday” to the one and only @markiplier Congrats on your 28 years of life, I hope you’re super happy with where you are now and what your life has been so far :) So here I have a compilation of some of my favorite gifs that I’ve made of Mark before.

On that note: here’s my sappy thoughts. 

I’ve been in the Markiplier fandom for almost 3 years now, since a little before the first FNAF video was posted. Around then was the start of me actually watching YouTubers on the regular, and since then I’ve gone through phases of which YouTubers I watch most often, but Mark has consistently been one that I can always watch.

If you’re reading this Mark, I think you’re a wonderful human being. You are just this genuinely nice and caring person and it resonates in your videos. I got to go to see you in Indianapolis and that was the first time I ever got the chance to see you in person. You’ve never really interacted with my stuff before, and sometimes that gets me discouraged, but I know you still get the idea of what I post from other people who express the same love and respect everyday, so I don’t mind that much. You have tons of fans and I get it an dI know you make such amazing efforts to get to be there for all of us, even when it’s really not possible and that alone means a lot to me, and all of us <3

Anyways, here’s to another awesome year of your life. Hope you guys get to do the fall, and maybe even winter tours that you want to do. I’m really hoping I’ll get to go again to another tour spot, as I can’t make it to any of the cons you go to. Here’s to more amazing sketch videos and let’s plays and charity livestreams. Give Chica tons of hugs for all of us, we’re so happy to see you have such an amazing group of people who care about you everyday, because they’re awesome and you guys all deserve the best and to have such a good group of people to surround yourself with.

Sorry I rambled on! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK <3

-The Squirrel King


From here on, I..! From here on..! Y'hear me?! I’m gonna… beat you all! I’m going to become the number one!! Enjoy your win. It’ll never happen again! Dammit!!!”
Happy Birthday to my angry hot hero | Bakugou Katsuki | 04.20 ♡ ٩(╬ʘ益ʘ╬)۶