happy bday sam!


It’s the luminous and lovely thundersshadow’s birthday, and as per the usual, I gift her (and the rest of you, if she’s magnanimous enough to share) a birthday snippet. I panicked a bit over this one because I feel like I’ve already posted half the chapter in snippets and I have to leave some things to the imagination, but then I realized that I could actually build upon this one, the original bday snippet (which has changed slightly since then), which is the beginning of the chapter and thus won’t be giving too much else away, and yay everyone wins!

So have an awesome, amazing day, Sam, and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. =D

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✯ Join my birthday calendar !! ✯

Hey everyone! So I thought I’d do something fun for yall, so why not make a little birthday calendar !! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ 365 days worth of awesome people’s birthdays !!

At the 1st of every month, I will make a mass post of those with birthdays in that month, and a cute little edit to celebrate!

**NEWLY ADDED: Also on your birthday, I will be making you an aesthetic of your choice as a ‘present’! Any character, any fandom! You just have to send me in your request on the day of your birthday (or I will try to remember to contact you!)

Things are pretty simple with this:

  • You must be following me (this is something for my followers!)
  • REBLOG this
  • MESSAGE ME your birthday and that you wanna join the calendar!

And that’s it! You can join the calendar any day, all year! It’ll always be open for new people to add !!