happy bday peter

Starmen ~ Happy birthday to the one and only Peter Capaldi. A man who I admire dearly and that never cease to amaze me. A man who I admire for his incredible talent, humanity and cleverness, always so kind and genuine with people. A man who I am so proud of. A man, an actor, an artist.

Happy birthday Peter, may you have the best day ever surrounded by love, joy and geek presents 💕

Ember Sweater Weather Peter Parker X Reader Headcanons

A/n: I got this inspiration from the actual song “Sweater Weather” by The Neighborhood and the song “Hypnotic” by  Zella Day because those are both good songs, I highly recommend you listen to those songs. I could go on and on about music seriously, but this is suppose to be a Peter Parker Head cannon for fall because it is creeping up on me quickly. Sooo yeah this is my first head cannon so I hope this goes well :D

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*May wouldn’t like the idea of just you and Peter walking through the park alone to “Collect” leaves

*But she would finally give in

*You would always steal his sweaters

*”But Y/n, It’s not even cold outside!”

*”I know but-”

*”Fine, just give it back to me when you’re not using it anymore”

*Your little ‘Fights’ would always end like that

*Peter would want to go trick or treating with you and Ned

*Him dragging you into the store even if you didn’t want to dress up in a costume

*”Hey Pete, can I dress up as Spider-man?”

*He wouldn’t know how to react when you asked him, his facial expression would be like a deer in headlights


*You would just shrug and walk off to the next aisle in the store, but you would be laughing like crazy

*”What just happened” Ned would be just as clueless as Peter


*But Peter ended up dressing as something nerdy like a Star Wars character

*”But Y/n! You can dress as Princess Leia!”

*Ned would definitely agree with the idea of you as Princess Leia

*”Peter, no. The costume is like $30 anyways, we have a budget remember?”


*You would just die when you saw a actual sexy Spider-man costume


“Look” You would show him and he would slowly take it out of your hand and put it back on the shelf

*”Why don’t we just put a bag on Y/n and call it a day”

*You and Peter would look at each other blankly when Ned said something like that

*”Fine, I will hurry up”

*You just quickly grabbed some cat ears

*During check out Ned got bored so he decided to do trust falls with Peter

*But he ended up just knocking over some random stuff from the shelf

*You would have random movie dates

*Both of you ending up falling asleep on each other half way through the movie

*May freaking out when she walked near the couch to see you guys like this

*She thought one of you were dead


*Pumpkin carving always turned out messy

*You were babysitting your siblings with Peter

*They wanted to do pumpkin carving

*Your brother decided to draw the Spider-man mask on his pumpkin and carve it

*Peter was blushing

*”Pete, you know he likes Spider-man”

Taaa-daaa :’D sorry it was so bad and short but yeh @vanessalovesonedirection alsoooo my bday is this week! its in 4 days! Happpyyy birthday to meee xDD Luv y’all byeee <3

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Happy 14th bday to meee, and yes i am 13 dont judge e.e

Prompt: Lily and James tells Harry a bedtime story. For the amazing birthday girl Caroline! If you told me sooner, it’d be better. Art by Julvett.

“You can’t sleep honey?” Lily said picking her son up and holding him tight. “Daddy gave you sugar before your bedtime?” She asked giving a look to James.

“Hey, how come is my fault?” James asked standing by the door. “It was you who did the cookies. I just fed him.”

She lift one eyebrow to her husband while he smirked and sat down next to her. Harry, seeing his father, gave a big smile and put his hands up, wanting him to pick him up. He did what his son asked and hold him.

“What are we gonna do with you my little marauder?” The ginger asked looking at him. “Do you want Daddy and I to tell you a bedtime story?” Harry giggled and Lily’s smile became bigger. “Okay Daddy, what story should we tell Harry today?”

“I don’t know Mummy.” He said making a pensative face. “What about our first kiss?”

Since Harry started to try to say somethings, Lily and James were calling themselves Mummy and Daddy to see if their kid first words would be one of them. But nothing had happened yet.

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