happy bday leader!!!


“This is Rapmon. Thank you again to those people who give me strength and love! Even if you’re tired, endure a bit more and let’s run for the place that people can’t imagine.”

“Thank you for being my fan & our fan. I’m your fan, too. I am a fan who silently cheers for you in enduring loneliness & fights in life, from backstage, in my studio, i send my fanletter to you through music notes and music. I hope you read through that longing sound.”

“I believe my father who goes to the office everyday, my mother who is a realtor, my sister, even the stray cats and dogs on the road and the pebbles, we all have a galaxy in our hearts. Many people fail to discover that galaxy even until they die, no matter how they lived, how they died. Our Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa PT.1, PT.2 are, as I said, risk and energy, but they’re also the story we tell with the wish that you could find your own galaxy.”

“I believe in your galaxy, ARMY!”

Thank you for existing & sharing your light with the world, Kim Namjoon ♡ Without you, some of us would be a lot lonelier and lost. We love you.


happy bday to the best leader, my love, my angel, my inspiration, the most amazing, hardworking, talented and kindest person on this planet. thank you for always working so hard. i wish your great fortune & good health & great day & everything whats the best on this world. love you lots my boy♡


HAPPY BDAY, G DRAGON! Wish u health & happiness and always be happy bcs u deserve it, Oppa! take care of urself & party and just whatever u feel like doin! U r one of the BEST, I appreciate u so much & LOVE u! THANK U 4 everything! U’ll be forever a special man to me and u’ll be FOREVER in my heart! U R AMAZING, WOW, DAEBAK AND more than ONE OF A KIND! KING OF KPOP, I bow to u!