happy bday kristen stewart


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/Credits: Jay.


Happy Birthday, Kristen Jaymes Stewart! - April 9th, 1990
“Actresses go crazy when they feel like they want to hold on to what used to be, or whatever. I’m so satisfied and happy and absolutely looking forward to what’s to come.“


Happy Birthday to our Queen Kristen Jaymes Stewart! I hope she’d enjoyed every single day of her existence! She’s such a example to our lives and we just have to thank her for being who she is. Kristen is such a talented actress, an awesome human being and she has the greatest personality I’ve ever seen. I hope she never forgets who she is and how much we love her. We will always love and support you, Kristen. Happy Birthday again.


Happy 26th birthday ♛ Kristen Jaymes Stewart ↣ April 9th, 1990

“I’m used to being the youngest at all times, and it’s just not that way anymore. Which is fine. But people are more impressed with you when you’re younger. […] Now I’m equal to everyone.”