happy bday ilu!!!!

Happy (late) Birthday to the one and only xenaphobiia!! I hope you had a rad birthday filled with laughs and sasusaku! Also, I’m glad I managed to make it in time for this birthday, cheers to many more! I’ve followed your writing since forever ago, since I was a curious little child and opened up fanfiction. (lol) 

I wish you happiness and luck in whatever you’re doing in life, and I will happily join your wagon filled with AU’s ~~  

 *✲゚*。✧ ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶ *✲゚*。✧

here’s kid and liz goofing around and making some strange pose that popped into my mind suddenly

this wonderful piece of art is for the lovely soulffles and this is my late birthday gift to her~

part 3 of “Late Birthday Arts by Mak
(hopefully the last part of the late bday arts cuz i really wanna give bday arts to people on time from now on)

*not pictured: me, frantically trying to find out how dogs work

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!i know it’s not yr bday yet technically but!  buckle up bc i’m gonna get gay for a second. you are??? such a fantastic friend. you make me smile every time we talk and you’re so sweet and kind and funny. i count my lucky stars 2 have met you tbh. you’re a wonderful person, your art and your writing and everything that you do is an inspiration to me and ! yea h holy shit i lov u. i hope your day and all your days 2 come are filled with all the love and light that u deserve.

@violencebled / @stillsuper <333333 !!!