happy bday heechul


15.07.09 Gunhee’s Instagram Update for Heechul’s bday

생일축하해 내새끼 !! 이태리에서 축하해 줄께!!!!

Trans: Happy Birthday my baby !! I’m sending my congratulations from Italy !!!!


Happy birthday, Kim Heechul ♥

{830710} → 10 things I love about you.

Since you’re my ultimate bias and I’m thankful for all the moments you made me feel better just by looking at your cute gummy smile, I couldn’t let today pass without saying some of the reasons I love you.

4D personality;  adj. Kim Heechul. This is the main reason why you own my heart, but also the main reason why people dislike you. Always being honest and speaking your true thoughts without any fear. You really are one of a kind.

I love your dorky side. Your jokes might be lame and sometimes they make me feel embarrassed, but somehow I always crack up laughing.

You may not be a dance machine but I know you work hard to improve yourself to give the best to the fans. I remember when you showed the rod that was inserted in your leg after the accident and how it became bent because you practiced too hard. Although the hardships that you and the members went through, this little example show us how passionate and strong you are.

“Modest”; We all know why the quotation marks are there. You are self-conscious of how much impact you cause on people’ sanity. Even if sometimes I wanna punch you for bragging so much, I agree that you’re indeed charming and that you indeed have the most beautiful gummy smile.

People tend to judge you by this self-centered/arrogant idol image, but what they don’t know is that you have a giant heart and that you are really caring with the ones you love. It was you who took care of Leeteuk when he collapsed due exhaustion, it was you who helped Hangeng when he couldn’t communicate properly in korean, it was you who comforted HongKi when he was feeling depressed, but the most important of them all: it was you who judged the pathetic attitude of only13 fans when no one didn’t know how to deal with the whole situation.

Thank you for being Kim Heechul. 오빠생일축하 해요~ 사랑합니다