happy bday for the love of my life


from tampa to houston .. HAPPY 21ST BDAY to the love of my life thank you for always being such an incredible human being and an even better friend. i’m so glad taylor swift loved us enough to bring us together wow goals? anyway pls have an amazing day at the “best university in the country” (i beg to differ but i’ll let you have it today) ILYSM 🖤 @befearlessandstaybeautiful


there are infinite universes but to know that in this universe u’re here, u’re happy and u’re a thing full of wonders are all that matters i love u yesterday, i love u more today, and even more for all the tomorrows 💛💫

Soul Sisters


Inky, you and I have had a bit of a rough time this past year, and I’m so happy to know that we’ve weathered the storm, and are still such close friends. It means the world to me to have you in my life. This picture has definitely been a labor of love. I’ve spent at least 16+ hours on it over the last couple of nights, but I’m so pleased with how it turned out. I feel like it captures our girls and their playful spirits, enjoying something they both love together as friends. I feel like Mai and Issi really are Soul Sisters, and so that is why I decided to title this picture as such.

I love you Inky and I hope you have a wonderful Birthday ♥

What Legend Means to Me

Okay heres a warning: this isnt super interesting but i wanted to post something for Legend’s 5th bday (WOW!). please dont feel obligated to read this(!!!). HAPPY LEGEND WEEK COUSINS!!!!!!

Legend has been with me for about a fourth of my life. It came out five years ago (November of 2011) but I read it in 2012. It was one of the very first books that made me cry, so obviously I have loved the story and characters since I picked the book up. Within the first page I was completely hooked. I used to want to be a secret agent when I grow up, but the whole idea still interests me. So when I read the little summary of the back cover at my middle school book fair, I was veryyyyy excited. I read Legend so quickly but reread it at least three more times. I bought Prodigy the day it was released in January. I also sobbed at the end of that one as well (very nice job Marie) and waited FOREVER (lol like 10 months) for Champion to come out. (I made my Instagram account after I read Prodigy actually!)

Marie Lu’s writing has inspired me so so much. After reading her books, writing really interested me for some reason. She just has a voice in her books that i fell in love with and it made me want to try to write something hopefully at least similar to hers. So, if I hadn’t read Legend, I may not even have this hobby.

Legend is a book I think everyone can enjoy. It isn’t a book specifically suggested (i guess) for girls or boys or a certain age (OKAY sure mostly young adults read it but there are also a lot of adults out there that have loved the books too). The endless themes from this trilogy are so so so important in today’s world, and I think it’s awesome Marie is trying to help educate people on these topics.

There is no reason NOT to love Legend. Except maybe that Marie Lu breaks your heart after each novel. So this is what Legend means to me. <3


Happy birthday to the prettiest boy with an even more beautiful soul!

Axl, thank you, not only for your passion for music and brilliance behind everything you do but also for the strength and courage you have shown for years. Abusive childhood, struggle for success, pressure of fame, betrayal from the loved ones, constant hate… You’ve overcome all. You kept fighting, caring, and smiling even when life gave you no reason to do. Honestly you are the most talented, most inspiring, strongest, smartest, kindest, funniest and the most beautiful person I know. I wish you lots of happy and healthy years to live with the people you love like you more than deserve. Happy birthday Axl ❤️


“Being more confident was a way for me to overcome my anxiety. Because my training period was shorter, I kept comparing myself to other people. I thought of myself as pitiful, and the thought that I couldn’t debut kept bothering me. I thought: let’s practice controlling my emotions. I got to thinking that being confident was a skill just as singing and dancing was. I believe that what you say becomes reality. Even now, before I start practice I look in the mirror and say ‘You can do it’, ‘You’re really pretty’”. #HappyJoyDay #DearTwentyJoy


beautifullilyaldridge  Happy Birthday Queen! Finally the day have arrived! You deserve all the happiness and support in your life. I feel soo proud of you and being a Swiftie from the past soo many years. Love you and thanks for everything you do to your fans. You and Lily’s Friendship is the best thing ever happened. You are one of my favs. Have a nice day #happybirthday #taylorswift #lilyaldridge @taylorswift @lilyaldridge  (X)

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onuntillmorning: 24 years ago my life completely changed forever. Sure I wasn’t even 1 yet and I was pretty easily impressed, but there she was. For those past years @elizajaneface has been my sister, my best friend and my soulmate. No one is more proud, or has more faith in that girl than I do. While we can’t be together today to celebrate, we are never really apart, despite how it sometimes feels. Happy Birthday, Eliza Jane, I love you a fuckin lot, ya fuckin.


“After you killed Hokuto and vanished from my life, I wanted to kill the memory of you that lived in my heart. I thought that if I erased your existence from within me, I could go on and live my life. But I… I couldn’t do it… Despite it all, if nothing more, I wanted you to be the one to end my life.”

Happy Crying Birthday to @sakurazuka-subaru