happy bday evan peters

Prompt: Lily and James tells Harry a bedtime story. For the amazing birthday girl Caroline! If you told me sooner, it’d be better. Art by Julvett.

“You can’t sleep honey?” Lily said picking her son up and holding him tight. “Daddy gave you sugar before your bedtime?” She asked giving a look to James.

“Hey, how come is my fault?” James asked standing by the door. “It was you who did the cookies. I just fed him.”

She lift one eyebrow to her husband while he smirked and sat down next to her. Harry, seeing his father, gave a big smile and put his hands up, wanting him to pick him up. He did what his son asked and hold him.

“What are we gonna do with you my little marauder?” The ginger asked looking at him. “Do you want Daddy and I to tell you a bedtime story?” Harry giggled and Lily’s smile became bigger. “Okay Daddy, what story should we tell Harry today?”

“I don’t know Mummy.” He said making a pensative face. “What about our first kiss?”

Since Harry started to try to say somethings, Lily and James were calling themselves Mummy and Daddy to see if their kid first words would be one of them. But nothing had happened yet.

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