happy bday boo :~)

Prophecy girls. I haven’t had the chance to read the last installment but i hope they all end up happy. Also it was burdge’s birthday and I first found out about her art via PJO so i couldn’t help but draw fan art in honor of her. Thanks for inspiring me and happy birthday!!! sorry about the terrible quality :/


the sorely needed Durarara chatroom infographic by me


[On cake] “Chocolate. Chocolate…chocolate on chocolate—with chocolate in it and chocolate sprinkles on it. And a cup of chocolate next to it! Chocolate.” - Happy Birthday, Jensen Ackles (March 1st, 1978)


@ninjasexparty ’s Danny is always good at singing- even at kareoke 👌🏻! Happy pre bday Danny! Love you boo!!

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