happy bday bby i love you


Happy Birthday to my sweet Ashley! (๑♡3♡๑) ( @ranpohedogawa​ )
↳  yurio tickets for you to spend on your bday! XD

♡ Happy Birthday Suga!!!!!!!   ҉*\( ‘ω’ )/*҉  ♡ 

For my lovable boyfriend @sir-scandalous 
it took me 5 days to make this and i know, i know i am very veeey late, but this is a present for his bday (7/12) I am so so sorry bby pfft 
I tried to put everything you like in one drawing <3 im so tired tho, i gave everything of me to finish it !! also , i forgot to add another pairing…. 
Babe , i love you so so so much, thanks for being as cute as you are, i hope everything work out for you, we dont talk much, but never forget that i love you and i will always be here for you , even if i delay to answer you <3 
Happy birthday hehe


“Hinata… This big idiot finally understands… The real meaning of the scarf you gave me when you went with Toneri… I know now, from the scarf you painstakingly knitted and took so long to finish, that your love can’t be unraveled so easily… Wait for me… This whole time, you always loved me for the way I am… Now, as a man, there’s something I must tell you… Hinata, I swear I will save you!”

Oh right, before I forget. Today is Shironumas BDAY!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY COMPLETELY SILENT AND PRACTICALLY ASOCIAL BBY WITH A HEART OF GOLD. *throws coffetti and brings a strawberry cake for his birthday*

I love you and I’m glad to be married (?) with you. Hope you have a great birthday my love if I manage to finish this damn essay early I’ll write a bday drabble for you


Beautiful Fanalis ♥ | Morgiana | Happy Birthday to my wonderful Olivia! ♥  (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*


Happy Philip Hamilton’s birthday! He was born right here in my hometown of Albany, at the Schuyler Mansion, in 1782. It’s also my mom’s birthday, ahaha!

The first installment of the Ghost Laurens AU will be posted today, and tonight I’ll post a special lil fic for Philip’s bday! ;)

If you’ve been wondering where I am, the answer is reading because I have to read 400 pages by Wednesday, ahhhhh!

I love you bbys!! I’ll be back with some writing for you! ;) <333


Bakugou Katsuki | Quirk: EXPLOSION |
Happy Birthday to my sweet Fay bby! ( @yuuchiroz )


Arima Kishou | The White Reaper
↳ ☆ Happy Birthday to my fabulous Julia!! @tovsei 


Happy Birthday for my amazing king Minji-chan! 26.2



(September 5, 1946 – November 24, 1991 

He gave people proof that a man could achieve his dreams - made them feel that through him they were overcoming their own shyness, and becoming the powerful figure of their ambitions. And he lived life to the full. He devoured life. He celebrated every minute. And, like a great comet, he left a luminous trail which will sparkle for many a generation to come - Brian May