happy bday babe!


Happy birthday menino Horan!! I hope you have the best day ever surrounded by your loved ones. Each day that passes I love you even more and I’m so so proud of everything you’ve been achieving on your own. Don’t ever stop being this ball of sunshine you’ve always been. I love you a lot 💜


たんじょうび おめでとう。お誕生日おめでとう, ディーノ!  // 2.4.17


- We’ve been friends since we were twelve and we used to go to see a lot of shows together. Then, we all went to school in different places, I was djing at night to make a bit of money. When you get back from a DJ set, you’re kind of buzzing and you can’t sleep because you’ve had a red bull and the bass. So, I bought a little synth, started messing around, and made some songs. I showed them to my friends when we were all back for christmas, and they said, “you’ve got to put this on the internet” and I said, “if I do that, you’re gonna be in a band with me”. That was it. 

Happy birthday Pineapple King a.k.a. Dave Algernon Bayley!