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Of course, he was dangerous in the expected ways: tall, muscled, skilled in weaponry and war. But Cassian was dangerous for another reason entirely. Not the handsome face, but those hazel eyes … They had a way of assessing everything and everyone.

Dangerous, dangrous, dangerous, this male. 

If only for the fact that he made her feel so out of control. That she had no idea what he’d do—what she’d do—if he found her vulnerable for even a moment.

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Shadow and Rouge collections~ since their bdays are today, I decided to arrange all my stuff related to them (except one or two things) and I’m not a shadow fangirl cof cof xDddd

Well, I hope you like my collection fellas :D plus featuring japanese collector’s set of SA2 C: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHADOW AND ROUGE!


Jason Todd x Reader

This is a drabble of sorts that I wrote for @jadedhillon ’s birthday. Happy Birthday hun, I hope you like it, and have a wonderful day!! 💕


Before he met you, Jason liked to visit his grave on the anniversary of his death. He knew it was morbid, but hell, most things he did these days could be considered morbid to some degree. He liked to just come and sit, perch on his headstone and smoke a cigarette or two; think about what had led to him being where he was, where he would still be if the joker’s work had been a little more permanent.

Before Jason came back, albeit a little older and a lot different than he remembered, Bruce liked to visit his grave on the anniversary of his son’s death. He liked to just come and stand; think about what had happened that led to his son being here in the earth, what he could have done differently to prevent Jason’s death.

Then Jason met you. You, who had been born on the day of his anniversary, albeit many years earlier. You, who brought joy back into a day that had been filled with mourning for so many years.
The last few years you had spent the day together, celebrating both your birth and the miracle of his continued life. Jason would have believed that it was meant to be, if he believed in such concepts.

That morning Jason prepared breakfast for you both, and you ate together in your shared apartment, you laughing at Jason’s quirky gestures of affection (he liked to arrange your food into smiley faces and draw syrup hearts on your pancakes), grateful for simply being alive (and being together).

The afternoon you spent doing something the both of you loved, just enjoying taking a day to enjoy each other’s company. You liked to visit his grave and bring flowers (you were the first to do so) for the young boy who had been robbed of the opportunity to grow up safe and loved as he had so deserved to. Jason never liked to stay long, not anymore. He didn’t like to spend so long in the past, when you gave him so much to look forward to in the future.

The evenings you spent at Wayne Manor, surrounded by laughter and the smiling faces of the people who loved you both. You had brought Jason back to them, and for that they would be forever grateful. Alfred made a cake, and brought it out when you were all sitting around the dining room table after dinner, the candles lit.

This was followed by an awkward and off tune rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ (bat style), and the batboys digs at each other’s singing voices. Everyone cheered when you blew out the candles, and Jason took your hand and squeezed when you made your wish. Then came the reluctant acceptance of lavish gifts (the perks of dating a Wayne) and watching movies together in the living room. Jason preferred to give you his when you went home; the batboys liked to make fun of his thoughtful gifts. You thought that it was cute.

In the dark of the room, lit only by the flickering of the television screen, you would cuddle up to Jason, both of you content to be together and surrounded by the people that you had come to think of as family. When the clock struck twelve and the others were starting to doze off, you would turn to look into Jason’s eyes, both of you sharing a soft smile. April 28th. A day that a past Jason had not lived to see, but one that you would live together, just like all those that followed for the rest of your lives. And in those moments Jason knew that all of the pain he had gone through had been worth it, because it had led to him meeting you.

November rain


(English below)

Pablo tuvo un mal día, en su escuela no dejan de molestarlo, un chico gordo y con lentes es un blanco fácil para cualquier bully, algo de lo que ya está resignado y vive con ello día a día. Hoy en especial se excedieron, se han metido con sus fibras más sensibles. Va de regreso a casa, triste, y si no fuera poco, el clima parece no ayudar en su estado de ánimo. Es muy extraño que llueva en noviembre.

Ya no le importa nada, no importa mojarse, se sienta en el parque, dejando que las gotas de lluvia empapen todo su pelaje, su ropa, su mochila con sus cosas, simplemente disfruta del momento, siente que ya no queda nada más que hacer.

En eso llega Nigel, un murciélago de unos grados más arriba que él, extiende una de sus alas hacia él, haciendo que esta sirva de paraguas. El panda rojo lo ve, lo reconoce, lo ha visto en la escuela, siempre veía al murciélago tan solitario que tenía muchas ganas de acercarse a él y hablarle, pero era un chico más grande que él, siempre pensó que probablemente lo rechazaría, pero ahora él está ahí, junto a él. Nigel no pudo evitar ver al panda rojo mientras caminaba hacia su casa, él vive muy cerca de ahí, así que le ofreció a Pablo que lo acompañara para que pudiera secarse, le hablara a sus papás por teléfono, y esperar a que la lluvia se apagara.

Van juntos caminando, platicando y bromeando bajo la lluvia. El ala del murciélago de todos modos no cubre por completo el agua.

Cuando Nigel abre la puerta de su casa, su familia lo está esperando con un pastel, es el cumpleaños del murciélago. Nigel sonríe ampliamente.

Su familia le pide perdon por no poder darle este año ningún regalo, la situación económica ha estado muy grave. Él no se entristece ni un poco, les dice que él acaba de hacer un nuevo amigo, y es todo lo que él podía pedir.




Pablo had a bad day at school, his schoolmates picked on him because he’s chubby and wore glasses. He was an easy target for any bully, and he had already resigned to this reality and accepted that he has to live with it every day. But today was worse, the bullies had really given him a hard time… I wouldn’t want go too deep into detail. He headed back home, upset, and if that were not enough the weather didn’t help to improve his mood. It is very strange that it always rains in November.

Pablo is no longer caring about the rain, he doesn’t mind getting wet; so he sits in the park, letting raindrops soak his fur, his clothes, his backpack with his things; just enjoying the moment, he feels that there is nothing else to do.
Then along came Nigel, a bat a few years older than Pablo. Nigel saw the red panda and approached him, extending one wing to him, making it like an umbrella. The red panda looked at him, he recognized him from school, he had noticed the lonely bat on occasion and he had really wanted to approach and have a talk, but thinking he was a bigger boy he thought he probably would have rejected his presence; but now he is there beside him. Nigel was walking home and he couldn’t help but see the red panda sitting in the rain getting soaked, and wanted to help him. He lives nearby, so he asked if Pablo would like to accompany him home so he could dry out there, and then call his parents by phone. Pablo accepted.

They went together walking, talking and joking in the rain, getting both all wet. The wing of the bat anyway doesn’t completely keep the water off.

When Nigel opened the door of his home, his family was waiting with a cake, as it was the bat’s birthday. Nigel smiled broadly.
His family apologized for not being able to give any gifts this year, the economic situation had been very serious on them.

Nigel was not upset by with this news, he told them that he just made a new friend, and that was all he really wanted.