happy b-day bb


Yeah, I turn on the TV and I see everything lookin’ so glossy and pretty. You know, those people with their apartments in New York City that are the size of airplane hangers, and decorated from Williams-Sonoma, and yet they’re all in their early 20s and haven’t figured out what to do with their lives. I don’t understand that. What planet are people living on? So we wanted to do something that, while it’s heightened, and the situations are ridiculous, at least the world the people live in is a little more believable.- Rob-Mcelhenney


Happy 41st Birthday Joaquin Phoenix!!!!!!!!  |  October 28th, 1974

Joaquin’s wonderful…and a total lunatic.  In fact, he reminds me of myself at that age.  And like they say, only from lunatics do great things come. —Richard Harris

Actors of my generation look up to Joaquin.  He has picked such great roles and backed up every one.  At the same time, he’s so humble, even for him to hear that he’s great — he can’t! —Balthazar Getty 

He’s acting on a different plane.  He’s almost superhuman. –Bryce Dallas Howard

He’s a shy guy, nervous around strangers, wary of attention.  He not only dislikes his image on screen, but also avoids catching his own reflection and is conscience of every cursory glance from passers by.  When he ventures out to practice skateboarding, he does so after midnight, and on a deserted street so no one can see his mistakes.Writer Steve Kokker

He’s one of the strongest actors of my generation.  But if you said that to him, he’d virtually throw up in your face.  He cannot stand being paid complements. — Kate Winslet

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Can you do genderbend chanwoo? I know you've already done some asks related to this, so you don't have to answer if you don't want to. Thank you!

i actually really love the idea of a genderbent chanwoo, just cause he’s an actual sweet heart to pure for this world and must be protected. Here is more female!chanwoo ft the rest of ikon as boys (cause for the lols) thanks for requesting and have a great day/night! also #Happy19thChanwooDay!

- admin em

  • is a cute lil shy pumpkin
  • she is intimidated by scary looking people
  • for instance, bobby and hanbin, in all their hip hop gear and scowls on their faces
  • she is walking one day and trips
  • falls over and is super embarrassed 
  • “you okay?” she look up and sees bobby offering a hand
  • but in her eyes, this gangster guy was near her
  • runs away at the speed of light and writes it down in her journal
  • entry 13: i encountered two very scary looking gangsters today! >.<
  • tends to judge people on appearances, even though she knows its bad
  • like when she saw her co-worker jinhwan for the first time she though he was younger that her
  • “are you lost? what school do you go to?”
  • “i’m 21″
  • she may be young but cause she is tall, she can get anywhere
  • gets hit on by older guys a lot
  • probably has a job as a waitress at a cafe and even though she actually doesn’t have a clue on coffee, her friendly cheery personality is breath of fresh air
  • hanbin and bobby like to tease her a lot cause she’s pretty naive and innocent, they visit not to drink coffee but to pester her
  • bobby be like “hey wanna go on a date , we can see an 18+ movie if you wanna ;)”
  • and hanbin be like “we can have dinner then go back to my place for dessert ;)))”
  • her manager donghyuk always has to shoo away these guys and protect her cause without him she’d probably be on dates all the time
  • her co-worker junhoe is super awkward with her and its all an awkward mix
  • he’s not very good with girls, and she scared of scary looking people
  • but after a while they become good friends and play pranks on jinhwan their other co worker and their boss
  • she has a slight crush on yunhyeong, the regular who is like a prince in her eyes
  • but senpai won’t notice her :((((((
  • wears fluffy jumpers and woolly anything, pastel/cream colours
  • likes to have cute little jewels and designs on her nails
  • kinda gyaru but toned down at work
  • actually very mischievous when you get to know her