happy b poe!

💛💥⭐️HAPPY MAY THE FOURTH!!!!!!!!!!⭐️💥💛

I went to the Disney store in the mall to pick up some TFA elite figures (b/c they’re only $26 there) and when I got there, there was a lot of Phasma’s, Kylo’s, Stormtroopers, and Finn’s but there was only one Poe. So when I went to go check out I asked the cashier if they just didn’t order a lot of Poe or Rey figures and he said “No, we ordered tons! Him and Rey have just been selling like crazy! We sold our last Rey yesterday and you grabbed the last Poe! If we didn’t order extra Finn’s he’d probably be out by now too!“
I was so so happy that the Rey and Poe figures sold out in under a week at my mall! That’s incredible! I love this team.