happy b day bby!

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OMG is that WONDERFULL person making anniversary?? Really?? Hyaaaaaaaa HAPPY B-DAY BBY! I luv u!!! I hope next year will be even Awesomer to ya! Heheheh <3 XOXO



I wish it will too! Smooch smooch ( ̄ε ̄ ) ♥

Happy B-day Jay!

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I didn’t know how blessed my life would be when I found you summer ‘09. All the laughs, tears and bodyrolls we’ve shared together will never (and I mean never) be forgotten. Your hard work and compassion inspire me daily and there’s no way I would’ve gotten this far in life if it wasn’t for you❤️ To say I wish you the best is an understament. Please stay healthy and dont forget to eat and rest. From the bottom of my heart thank you and God bless🙏🏻


Let’s all take a moment to appreciate this kid.~

This dork has stolen our hearts.

He’s kept us smiling…or crying.~


We love you Armin Arlert!!

Happy Birthday, hun!~

[I think it’s his 16th? I dunno.]