happy ap testing

Sam's Ultimate, Failproof, Foolproof AP Survival Kit

Prepare a backpack or tote bag with the following:

  1. Water bottle. Fill it up people. Don’t be dumb. Also don’t drink so much that you’re getting up to pee every half hour.
  2. A pencil pouch. Include in this 4 blue or black pens (whichever color is your preference) and 2 pens in the other color. Pens are mandatory on History and English essays. Also include a minimum of 8, pre-sharpened, wooden, #2 pencils. No mechanical pencils here folks. Don’t forget a hand pencil sharpener and one or two big erasers!
  3. Granola bars or some other easy snack for breaks.
  4. Extra ponytail holders and bobby pins. We’ve all been there, taking an important test with our hair in our face. Ugh, that sucks.
  5. A blanket. I mean, I don’t know about  you, but I like to wear shorts when it’s 90 degrees in May. Which means my legs are going to freeze in that room during the test. Sounds weird, but you’re testing with people you go to school with. They already know how weird you are :)
  6. A jacket or sweatshirt. Mine is a lightweight fleece pullover. Blanket’s got your legs. Gotta get the top!
  7. Cough drops. Last year I sat next to a guy who had pneumonia. He coughed the entire time. I gave him half my bag of cough drops and it definitely helped!
  8. Gum.
  9. Calculator. After making sure your calculator is approved, make sure you pack some back up batteries or that you at least charged your Nspire’s battery.
  10. Lunch. Not necessary for all exams, but sometimes you get stuck with back to back exams. Last year, it was American Gov and Comparative Politics. For me, this year, it’s English Language and Statistics. There isn’t time to leave the testing site to eat, so just pack a PB&J and call it good people.

Remember to keep chapstick at hand. And if you have a uterus, remember all your supplies including but not limited to: tampons, pads, Midol, and ibuprofen.

There, now if you have no idea what a Taylor Polynomial or can’t remember anything about Henry VIII (oof), you at least have the best every Exam Kit and you can feel good about something :)

Kidding, you all are going to rock all of these. You’ve studied, you’ve prepared, you know more than you think you do.

Happy testing!!

anonymous asked:

I remember AP testing, it was awful. It's literally PreCollege Finals with the same amount of stress and binge studying. I'm so sorry you have to go through that. I wish you the best of luck, and please make sure to eat good breakfasts and get plenty of sleep

aaah thank you so so much !! its a real hassle but i think it’s worth it because I take the test for free and I won’t get that free opportunity in college (unless i get scholarships ahsjsklslsjsjsjksksns) but thank you for your advice i have been getting PLENTY of sleep and I’m eating more 🥀

APUSH Pick Up Lines

In honor of the end of the APUSH test and the end of a year of AP tests, here are some beautiful APUSH pick up lines someone sent me:

It’s a good thing you’re not a colonist because I would do some intolerable acts to you.

Girl you must be communist influence cuz I see you even when you aren’t there.

You can call my bedroom a Japanese internment camp cause you’re not leaving.

Are you the New Deal? Cause baby you’re helping me through my depression.

I don’t care what Plessy or Ferguson say, if I’m separated from you, my heart won’t be equal.

Much like Truman I promote foreign entanglements.

You know what’s unconstitutional? The fact that you still have every article of clothing on.

I’m no Thomas Paine but you and I are common sense.

Call it Manifest Destiny but I truly believe it is my God given right to acquire you.

The Agricultural Adjustments Act couldn’t keep me from plowing your field.

Trying to define your beauty is like telling me to write a FRQ using background knowledge. I can’t.

Wanna come up to my room for the Great Awakening?

Not even Henry Clay can compromise my feelings for you.