happy anniversary idiots


Because these boys share their birthdays in the same month, I drew ‘em both!

So I started thinking about all of these shows that have been off the air for years and come back later for another run (X-Files, Full House, Will & Grace, etc.)

What if Supernatural did that?

What is s13 was the finale and they come back in like 10 years? Maybe by then Robbie Thompson and/or Ben Edlund would come back and write for us again!


What if after being off the air for a long time we got another small run? And what if the first episode opened on Sam living in a normal house, wife, kids, dog. Apple pie lifestyle. <3<3<3


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32, 24, 17 + sebooty 🍑

- wedding ring, flowers, arguments.
sehun’s heart was beating so hard against his chest. the familiar feeling of cool metal against his ring finger was gone and felt empty, the precious ring missing from his finger.

his jaw dropped, his heart wanted to burst along with his eyes. somehow, somewhere, he had lost his wedding ring the night before your first anniversary, and now, he was more than sure that he wasn’t getting anything special tonight or for the rest of his life.

he searched everywhere, hoping that maybe a glint of gold and diamond would shine on the corner of his eye and soon find its place on his ring finger.

but all of his hopes were useless, even when he tried to retrace his steps, trying to remember each place he visited, each chair he sat on, each road he crossed.

sehun was more than desperate to find his wedding ring worth more than the few millions of wons he spent on it. the only thing that played on his mind was the way your eyes were on fire as your finger slid that ring onto his own finger, promising, swearing, vowing your life to be his, and to always be by his side.

“damn it,” he cursed, combing back his hair with his hand, stress evident in his movement. he didn’t notice a certain habit of his was resurfacing; licking or sucking his lips whenever he was nervous or deep in thought, both of which were true statements as of that moment.

then he heard your voice echo through your home as you entered through the door, excited for what the night had planned for the both of you, or to be more specific, the bed you slept on. little did you know that a nervous sehun awaited you by your enormously huge bed and not that sexy smirk of his.

“baby, are you okay?” you noticed the sweat accumulating on his forehead and the unstable way of his chest rose and fell as he took in shaky breaths, hiding his hands behind his back, unable to control the nervous fiddling of his fingers.

sehun looked up at the ceiling, gathering false and temporary courage to spill the truth. “on a scale of one to ten, how angry would you be if i lost our wedding ring?”

you froze for a second in horror. you knew this day would come, unfortunately, you didn’t know it would be on the night before your first anniversary.

“a fucking eleven, oh sehun,” you stated, disbelief charged into your voice. you were pretty sure fumes were coming off your ears.

sehun could feel the fear crawling up his back as he watched you remain in your spot, right in front of the bed, staring at him with a lethal gaze.

with an evil smile, you walked towards him and climbed up the massive bed, making your way to sehun to strangle the life out of him.

sehun was beyond terrified as he stared at you, his once so loving wife turned demon at that moment. he begged, he pleaded. “i promise i’ll make it up to you! see! i have flowers for you,” he said, pointing to the bouquet of roses on the bedside table.

then he saw it. the familiar glint of precious jewels sitting right beside it, hidden by the many petals of the bouquet.

you spotted it too. your evil grin turning to a smirk at how dumbfounded sehun was. “you’re an idiot, sehun.”

“i swear i searched everywhere for it,” he claimed as he reached for the precious ring, placing it right away on his ring finger, satisfied with the familiar feeling of the cool metal.

“for almost losing your ring and for acting like the dumb idiot you are, there’s nothing special happening tonight, oh sehun,” you said, taking your place by his side, getting ready to drift to sleep. apparently, getting angry at sehun was way tiring than what you thought it would be.

sehun pleaded once more, begging for some action for the night before the first anniversary, but you were a woman of strong will and little patience. “you’ll just have to wait for a month till your next orgasm, sehun.”

“you’re joking right, babe? please tell me you’re joking. i can’t wait for a month-” he tried to convince you, but you cut him off with a glare and a stern voice.

“happy anniversary, idiot.”


Happy one year anniversary to these two idiots, here’s to many many more!!!


“After finishing the music for the album, the band decided that the artwork needed to reflect the themes on the record, likening the change of image to a political campaign. Armstrong recalled: "We wanted to be firing on all cylinders. Everything from the aesthetic to the music to the look. Just everything.” Green Day drew inspiration from Chinese communist propaganda art the band saw in art galleries on Melrose Avenue, and recruited artist Chris Bilheimer, who had designed the art for the previous records Nimrod and International Superhits! to create the cover. The band aimed for the cover to be “at once uniform and powerful”. After listening to the new music on his computer, Bilheimer took note of the lyric “And she’s holding on my heart like a hand grenade” from “She’s a Rebel”. Influenced by artist Saul Bass’s poster for the 1955 drama film The Man with the Golden Arm, Bilheimer created an upstretched arm holding a red heart-shaped grenade. Although he felt that red is the “most overused color in graphic design”, he felt that the “immediate” qualities of the color deemed it appropriate for use on the cover, explaining: “I’m sure there’s psychological theories of it being the same color of blood and therefore has the powers of life and death…And as a designer I always feel it’s kind of a cop-out, so I never used it before. But there was no way you couldn’t use it on this cover.”

I never realized how much these 5 guys have mean to me. I came into this fandom right after txf and I’m so glad I found them. I know everyone says this that they changed their lives but honestly they have just improved mine. They made me feel beautiful when I didn’t. They gave me energy to run farther or workout longer because of their song coming on shuffle. They lifted my spirit when honestly I didn’t think anyone could. They made me a stronger person. They brought some of the best people into my life and for that I can never thank them enough. They allowed me to be creative enough and do things that I didn’t think I was capable of. I have watched them grow and become such amazing men. They honestly don’t get enough credit for all the things they do. I want nothing but the best for them. I don’t care who you stan or your ship is. When one member is down we all stepped in to lift the others. Whenever we got down they made sure to lift us and honestly I could have asked for better people in my life.
I want them to have a happy life whether they continue as a group or go off individually. I will stan them even if they do nothing with their lives. I swear harry could go back to being a baker and I would make sure to buy a damn cake. Lol niall could play golf all day my ass would be on the sidelines. Liam could yell sing it and I’ll sing along. Louis could play soccer and I would rep his team. Zayn could make art all day I would go see it. My love for them doesn’t end because they don’t make music anymore.
These last 5 years have been a whirlwind of adventures for all of us. I hope we all get some peace soon lol. I swear I’ve lost years off my life because of much sleep I don’t get. I’m not even mad though all those late nights or early mornings seeing them perform and listening to them just kill it on stage was worth it.
Whatever they do from this point on I will respect because honestly at the end of the day without them my life wouldn’t have been the same.

So I want to say thank you to them for making this the best 5 years of my life. Here is to you boys. May the future be brighter and happier. ❤💙💚💛💜


“American Idiot is a concept album that describes the story of a central character named Jesus of Suburbia. Frontman Armstrong said, "As soon as you abandon the verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge song structure … it opens up your mind to this different way of writing, where there really are no rules.” He also added that “the band aimed to be ambitious, which he felt many contemporary rock bands were not.”


120524 ★ 140524

dear vixx,
isn’t it funny now, thinking back about all those moments together?

you’ve come so far. ever since mydol, throughout debut, many many comebacks, first wins, gaining more fans day by day with your quirky and fun personalities and your awesome music. you’ve captured the hearts of so many, never forgetting about starlights and always caring sweetly for us.

my heart trembles when I think of the anxiousness before and during debut, when it wasn’t sure if and how far you’d ever be able to make it. but I’ve believed in you, we all did, and look where you are now. you’ve become popular, you’ve become respected, you’ve become even more loved. a love which you deserve every little part of, because you have gone through stress and sleepless nights more often than all of us can imagine, just to show us your best. you’ve become brightly lit stars in the kpop constellation, and I am so, so proud to be able to call myself your fan.

you’ve given us more than we can ever give you. you’ve given so many starlights happiness, smiles, hope, love, appreciation, laughter, tears, new friends… you’ve given all of us some of the best times of our lives. it’s because of that that I want to say: I am so proud of you. I am proud of the amazing artists and the strong grown up men you’ve become.

thank you for being with us. thank you for being together as six. thank you for being VIXX.

happy 2nd anniversary, idiots. we love you.

태어나줘서 고마워 빅쮸  ♥별빛  x 빅스 늘 하자