happy anniversary ;;

HTTYD: Anniversary

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They say words can’t touch you

That moving drawings are just ink

Photographed against a still camera

And cannot touch your heart

Yet I saw dragons fly

Across my screen

I saw a boy age

Into a seasoned warrior

I felt my heart soften

for this computer portrait

That snarked about Viking’s weight

And never gave up

I saw a dragon fall

And crash into the trees

Waiting for a bloody knife

And hearing it cut him free

I saw a boy

Throw away that blade

To dance with Night Fury

And leap into his world

When I put my pen to paper

I saw that boy flying

Fighting for his freedom

And demanding I tell a story

So I am changed

As we all are

By the boy that grew

Into a dragon trainer


Happy 47th or 48th* anniversary skinny legend 牛姐 😍😍😍😍😍 this performance moves me to tears (metaphorical since i cannot cry) every time i listen to it

 *Sources differ.

                               Happy Anniversary GFI Family!

That’s right, A YEAR AGO TODAY (March 26th, to be exact), Pebbles-mod and Jerry-mod acted on an incredible impulse and pulled together a blog that would change three retro-toons’ lives forever! So let’s not leave Bubbles-mod out of the celebration! Without her who knows if we’d have made it to the big ONE YEAR!

Now of course we’re going to thank all of the lovely followers and even just passers by who made this possible. But before we do, we’ve never been the kind to beat around the bush here at GFI, so let’s get down to BUSINESS first:

First the bad news

We regret to inform everyone that we will NOT be opening requests or restarting the queue today. The unfortunate truth is that Jerry-mod simply hasn’t been able to stay home long enough to heal, and the Spring semester can be hard on anyone–much less an upcoming graduate (everyone congratulate Bubbles-mod early, by the way, Jerry-mod and Pebbles-mod insist)! At current, the plan is to wait until Jerry-mod is stabilized. We do realize that is very vague, but if the other two mods’ schedules clear up before that happens, of course we’ll be back for you! 

So on to the fun stuff

We hope you didn’t think we were actually gonna let our anniversary pass by without giving something back to our followers! So check out the treats coming your way!

  1. An Icon PSD giveaway! Three lucky followers will win a custom PSD for any pre-existing icon set (GFI’s preferably, but yours or someone else’s with written permission are accepted too)! All three of us like to consider ourselves talented graphic artists, and we’ll show off our skills in the giveaway post!
  2. Three separate tutorials! Since each one of us makes our icons in a significantly different manner, we thought: why limit it to just one? We’ll each share our secrets, which will cover Mac, PC, Gimp, Photoshop, and Photoscape! You’ll have loads of options by the time we’re done with you guys!
  3. And our favorite: a very special Pokémon giveaway! We’ve finally named our mascot, and we’ll be giving away this shiny to one lucky GFI follower who’ll take good care of our dear ol’ Poli! Be sure to look out for the post in which we reveal the name!


This post does NOT function as the giveaway post for any of our giveaways, and while reblogs are welcome (to celebrate, spread the news, whatever your vibe is), they will not count towards any of the giveaways. Be on the lookout for their posts coming up this week! Today will be dedicated to spreading the news! 

And as always:

Stay awesome GFI family! We love you to pieces! We hope we can be here in full again real soon, but for now, let’s have some good fun, ya?

❤ the mods!


HAPPY 15TH ANNIVERSARY! A couple days early, but wow KH is ready for its own quinceañera. I don’t think I could properly express how much in love I am with this franchise or I’d start crying. I’ve been in love with this series since I was in middle school, and I’m my third year of college, so I practically grew up with these questionably weird fun games. I’m proud of what I made since I was working on this and three other art class projects at the same time, and it still came out beautiful!

Interested in buying this, Wicked, or a commission? Please message me for details ^u^