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6 Ways to Improve Your Study Habits That Are Backed by Science

Study in the same format that your test will be.

The research: In a study done by Morris & Coworkers, participants’ retrieval performance, which was a rhyming task, depended on whether or not their encoding task was that of processing for meaning or for rhyming.  In other words, participants who had an encoding task that required processing for rhyming had a better retrieval performance than did participants who had an encoding task that required processing for meaning. This is known as transfer-appropriate processing.

How it applies to your studying: If you know your exam is going to be exclusively short answers, then study by answering short answers and not by completing practice multiple choice tests. If you know a set of terms will be tested in a matching format, then create a study guide that involves you having to match terms to definitions or examples.

Match the context.

The research: Godden and Baddely really worked hard to prove their point about encoding specificity.  They had half of their participants study, or encode, underwater while diving and half study on land.  Recall for all participants was underwater and those from the diving condition had a higher recall than those who studied in land.

How it applies to your studying: Study in the same room that your exam will be in.  If your exam is in the same room as your class, it’s even more beneficial.

Match your internal state.

The research: Eich and Metcalfe measured the impact of state-dependent learning by having subjects listen to happy or sad music and think thoughts that matched the mood of the music.  They rated their mood and once it reached “very pleasant” or “very unpleasant”, the encoding aspect of the study began and they studied lists of words.  The participants returned two days later, followed the same procedure to put them in happy or sad moods, and were then given a memory test.  Those whose mood at retrieval matched their mood at encoding had higher rates of recall. 

How it applies to your studying: Try to match your moods when studying with your mood during your exam.  This does not mean stress yourself out at all times, but if you’re relaxed and content when studying and during the exam, that is better than being sad while studying but content during the exam. 

Relate the material to yourself.

The research: Rogers and coworkers presented participants with a question for 3 seconds and then a word who then had to answer if the word answered the question or not.  Questions included “Printed in small case? Rhymes with happy? Means the same as happy? Describes you?”  During recall tests, subjects remembered 25% more words that they had rated as describing themselves, as compared to only 5% recall for size, 8% for rhyme, and 14% for meaning. This is known as the self-reference effect.

How it applies to your studying: Try to find things in your material to remind them of you.  For instance, I had an exam on the endocrine system recently and my dog has an endocrine disorder so I related the flow of hormones to my dog. By writing this article, I’m relating long term memory to myself in preparation for my Cognition exam. 

Use visual images.

The research: Bower and Winzenz used paired-associate learning (a list of word pairs is presented) and later presented only the first word.  Participants were tasked with recalling the word it was paired with.  One group was instructed to silently repeat the pairs while the other group was told to make a mental image of the word pairs interacting.  Subjects who created visual mental images remembered twice as many word pairs than those who silently repeated words.

How it applies to your studying: Assign different concepts to different things in the room.  This works whether you are studying in the exam room or if you’re studying in your dorm.  If I were doing this for my bio exam, I’d “hang up” the idea of the systemic and pulmonary circuits of the heart in my closet, put the idea of homeotherms and poikilotherms on my key hook, and microwave the concept of action potentials, etc.


The research: Muller and Pilzecker had two groups of participants; one group learned one list of words and immediately learned a second list while the other group learned one list of words, waited six minutes, and then learned the second list.  When asked to recall the first list of words, the six minute delay group were able to recall 48% more than the immediate group.  By having a delay, it allowed for the formation of a stable memory of the first list, otherwise known as consolidation.

How it applies to your studying: Study in chunks of time.  Don’t stay up all night studying! Not only is it bad for your health, but it also disrupts the consolidation of memories.  Instead, study for smaller amounts of time and take short breaks.  Take a 15 minute walk, stretch, read a book, watch a Youtube video, etc.  But don’t study all in one shot.  A 48% increase in recall could do wonders for your grade!

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When are you going to do finale comics for Gabriel and Michael?

Y’CAUGHT ME i’m not sure when i’m gonna do those, but i think this year was my best run of consistent post-episode comics, so i’m not gonna stress about them too crazy much. i might do them once more spn content is released so there’s a bit more of a resurgence in excitement, bc after the finale i noticed a significant drop;;;;

i’m largely fueled by others’ happiness and hype surrounding content, so once american gods grabbed a hold of me, i really have just decided i’ll get all of my love for that show out and wait until spn released some redeeming content to go back into the comics

if it helps, i do have literally hundreds that you guys can take solace in until i get back into the groove of things! you guys’ve been reviving some older comics, and i love seeing that. a lot of them still apply to the content that’s passed!

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Could you put all your comics for the finale altogether? I’m pretty sure I missed one.

they’re all in my art tag!

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I’m so tempted to make an “incorrect swaingels/gng quotes” blog (with your permission of course) but like… I already have five sideblogs… rip me


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can we read God’n’Gabe online?

you can read the first two books in the god’n’gabe tag, and you can also read through the entirety of the swaingels on my blog, too!

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How would the 2ps react to waking up one day and realizing that they were totally completely happy and content with their life and S/O for once

2p!America: He’s going to wake them up with morning kisses. As much as he refuses to admit love is real, at this point he couldn’t deny he was in love.

2p!Canada: Today would be a lazy day. He’d stay in bed and watch movies with his family. He cant believe that he’s finally happy.

2p!England: I mean, he’s been content with just his sons and Louis. To share that with someone would be wonderful though.

2p!France: The fact that they stayed with him through everything is amazing enough. That day would probably be spent laying in bed holding each other, cause all he wants to do is spend it with them.

2p!China: He would stare at them as they slept, as though they were some sort of Angel. In a sense, they were, to him. He’ll wake them up to some nice breakfast and morning kisses.

2p!Russia: He’d be surprised when he realize this. All his life it’s been stressful and lonely. Now…now he feels at peace.

2p!Italy: How could this be real? He’d stare down at his s/o, love in his eyes, and just kiss their lips until they woke up. They’d wake to a simple I love you.

2p!Germany: He’s normally pretty happy and content but having his s/o with him is wonderful.

2p!Prussia: See 2p!France.

2p!Japan: He’ll think it’s a dream, after all, his life is usually dull in his eyes. Why would life actually make him happy? Once he realizes this is reality, his s/o will wake up to see him smiling.

2p!Romano: See 2p!Italy.

2p!Spain: They’ll be waking up to breakfast in bed and a full movie day of their choice. No matter if he hates the movie or not. He doesn’t really do well with his emotions but he can do this.

Merry Go Round (you go to the carnival together and cuteness ensues) Imagine #3

~{requested by gabby (prince9inch) a looong time ago but}~


“Ed, seriously, what the hell is wrong with you?” you ask in between laughs as he smirks, pulling your hand and trying to drag you towards the merry go round.

“Pleeeease?” he whines, putting on a puppy dog face that cannot be denied, bottom lip pouring and big blue eyes blinking innocently.

“Fine,” you huff mockingly, and he smiles before rubbing his thumb over your knuckles, folding your hand in his and leading you to the waiting line of the carousel.

Your cheeks are flushed red as pure surrounded by mostly children, and their parents, who are giving you odd glances.

You bump into his side playfully, and he just laughs and shrugs at your embarrassment as the less-than-thrilled man opens the gate and lets you two (along with a group of kids) onto the ride.

You each pick out horses, and as you mount yours, you happen to look over to Ed, who still has a dumb smirk written all over his face.

He raises his eyebrows playfully as the ride slowly starts to turn, the lights lining the inside casting colorful shapes on his face.

You almost want to make fun of him, seeing his legs dangling off of the little metal stirrups, too-long sleeves of his red hoodie drawn up over his hands, looking out over the rest of the carnival, nodding or waving to the people giving him strange looks.

He’s literally radiating happiness as the ride continues, the music wafting from the speakers on the canopy. You find a fond smile spreading across your lips as well, just from seeing him so content.

It’s nice to see him without all the stress and pressure off once, just he stupidly blissful Ed you know and love.

The music fades eventually and the ride slows in rotations, and he looks to you, getting off of his metal horse and extending his hoodie-covered hand to you, as you take it and he helps you get down from the horse, wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you close in the rain-chilled autumn air.

You make your way to the exit, still laughing together, holding hands.

“You’re such a dork, Ed,” you tease, pushing his shoulder playfully.

“Hey,” he says in mock offense, “You love me though!”

You smile at him, stopping outside of the exit line queue, shivering a bit before he wraps you up in his arms,

“That I do, Ed,” you counter, feeling the warmth spreading through your body as he presses a kiss to your cold nose as you look up at him, “That I do.”


How to mend a broken heart?

Going through a heartbreak makes you feel like you want to breathe but you can’t, because someone’s drowning you under the water. We build our own walls to protect ourselves, but someday, someone will gonna try to break it and let us believe in them to trust them. Then, in the blink of an eye, all the efforts are gone, which we all lead us to anger, sorrow and revenge. So, if you’re dealing with heartbreak and all you ever wanted is to forget and continue life then, try these suggestions to find the new “you”.

1. Give yourself a time-out. You need it to take a step back, look at your life and accept the next challenge. Everyone falls down and suffer, but it’s how you’re putting yourself up again that will define you as a person.

2. Remove all the memories with that someone. Don’t try to pretend like the person never existed, just temporarily forget on how s/he meant for you and how s/he broke your heart. Removing is different from destroying. Don’t burn or destroy any objects associated with her/him or all the gifts, etc. that s/he given you. Just remove them out of your sight and put it all in a box then, keep it inside your stock room. You can also write all your heartaches in a journal to lessen all your burdens you kept inside. After all, these will all serve as the record of all the things that you went through.

3. Disconnect that someone from all the social networks you’re into. It’s not about you’re bitter about something, but it’s about helping yourself to stop from being obsessed on getting updates about her/his life.

4. Exercise and eat right. Medical says that physical activities increase the amount of Serotonin in our brain, which act as a natural antidepressant that improves our mood. And it’s okay to eat icecreams, chocolates, etc. but you still need to have a routine diet. It will not only make you look good, but will also make you feel good about everything.

5. Be optimistic. Snap out yourself from being overly negative, being dwelled on the past, or from seeing yourself as a half-empty glass of water. We all know that it’s easier saying it than doing it. But as long as you’re alive, you need to always remind yourself about being grateful of what you have and how blessed you are now. So, there’s no turning back, friend.

6. Figure out what went wrong in your past relationship. These are the bunch of things that usually a relationship went through: you never felt loved; he/she always felt you down; you felt manipulated, used or lied to; you felt that the spark between the two of you went off just like that; or the person you only ever loved had cheated on you unexpectedly. I know it will torment you inch by inch everytime you’ll remember it, but you need to find out what caused the end of your relationship. It will help you to reflect about it and get through all these stuffs.

7. Don’t ever think about whose fault it was. You know that you both did. Just focus on the issues or the reasons behind it.

8. Learn from the mistakes. This will shape you as a grown up man/woman, and will help you to never do the same mistakes again in your next relationship.

9. Once you’re ready, forgive them. Yes, it takes time to forgive, but it’s the only key for you to be healed, free your mind from overthinking about the past, and move on with your life.

10. Lean on to your family and friends. They might not have the best advice, but hearing them out will always make you feel comforted and cared about. Or maybe, they really have the best advice to get over with your past. And isn’t it’s always the great idea and makes you feel good to cry out all your heartaches to them?

11. Make goals for yourself again. Hang-out with family and friends, go to a trip, play sports, discover and enhance your hidden talent, compose a song, write poems or stories, talk to a stranger, or if you think you’re ready and tough enough, go on a date again. Don’t stress yourself out. Be an experimentalist. Be adventurous. Be spontaneous! As we all said, “We only live once so, make the most out of it.”

12. Always pray. Pray to God for forgiveness, gratefulness, happiness, contentment and good health for your family, relatives, friends, all your love ones and for yourself.