happy and proud fan


Koogi dominating four genres on the English Lezhin site. I’m shook. Learn where to read/how to get coins to read KS here.


Well, just like I promised 100 years ago, here is Yoosung and MC’s honeymoon in the happiest place on earth~!

DISNEYLAND! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

In which Yoosung spent the whole day letting the whole park know you are his wife~ ♡

Once again based on @zens-ponytail ’s amazing head canons.

Happy birthday, Billie Joe! ♥

I hope you have an amazing day, not just today, but always. Thanks for the music, the lyrics and the beautiful memories. The world is so lucky to have you. Thanks for still breathing. Happy birthday ♥

twenty one pilots are the same people they were with a hundred thousand fans as they are with a million fans. they deserve every bit of success they receive. I’m so proud of them and all they’ve achieved |-/


“standing at this place with one heart and one goal, because armys are here with us.. are there anybody who’s happier than i am? .. wherever you go, please be proud that you are bts’ fan!” - jung hoseok

happy birthday our sunshine! smiling through everything even though you’re tired and in pain, it must be really hard right? thank you for always being so bright and positive. all i know this world is a much better place with you in it. we love you ♡

I’m just gonna leave this here….

In my German class...

My teacher was teaching about certain word structure.

She gives us a sentence saying, “Alle lieben…”, which means “everybody loves…”. She was asking for the correct word in that context.

With great passion I yelled out “VICTUURI”.

She just looked down then she just smiled at me.

I feel so proud of myself.

My new jumper is two things:
1. A cute reference to my favourite otp
2. A really worryingly accurate description of me 24/7 since berena became my entire life a whole year ago 💀🙃

I’m so happy and proud to be a fan of Caitriona Balfe 😻
This huge star-studded and important theater event featuring our queen on the red carpet and wearing a beautiful silk gown from Burberry, one of the award sponsors.
Meanwhile her everyday partner Sam Heughan spent a sports weekend with his gym crew and cheered on one of their own.
Love them both and their zest for life and how they support friends and the arts.
(I hope they don’t have an early call time tomorrow so they can get a good snuggle in tonight and recover from their colds.)


I’ve tried to think about what to say about this man that I haven’t already said.
Probably people here already know how much I love this guy, and not just for that incredible voice that, no matter what, is and will always be my favorite sound in the world. I admire his strength, that will to always fight whatever life and fate throws him against. I admire and envy so much his smile that had never faltered, that faith that things would be alright even when he had every right to put his foot down and say “enough”. I so envy his endless energies, his never stopping but always doing something because life is now and you should enjoy to its fullest. I admire him for always being so private about his life, his projects and always applaud someone else for their ideas or works.
Well, I’m proud of everything he accomplished, of how hard he still works to be that beautiful voice once again. I’m proud to be his fan and I’m proud to call him my idol.
Happy birthday Brian, my favorite pocket in the world. 💕💕

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>International fan:</b> im so happy and proud they made a skater from my country, it's such a positive thing that they spread interactions among different nationalities and also im so glad the show is so accurate and real and-<p/><b>Italian fan:</b> san crispino lololol<p/></p><p/></p>

VIXX Eyes Fan Art (6/6) Sanghyuk

“You scratch my itching wounds for me. The only one in this world who knows me (knows me). I can’t help but to come back”

{Era: Chained Up
This was the first Era after a long while that Hyuk really really surprised me. That he made me look more than twice. Honestly, this era will Always carry a special place in my heart. It was the first era from which I ever bought an album of vixx and it was the era that made me rethink who my bias really was (though even now it’s still Hakyeon). Hyuk did just so well in this era and I was so proud of him. His dancing, Visuals and singing were just top notch in this era and that made me so happy to see.}

not to be That Person™ but i love bangtan a lot