happy 8th anniversary my babies


It’s August 19th in Korea. Which means what??

Happy 8th Anniversary to my babies, my boys, my loves. BIGBANG.

OMFG you guys are old, jk! Ahhh where do I begin? I love you guys SO much. I have never felt this way about a band, let alone a k-pop band. I get so many questions on what makes you all different and I just reply, “Look at them.” I am so PROUD to be a VIP. SO PROUD. Through all the hell you guys have gone through, you still managed to come through unscathed and just as humble and appreciative.

Kwon Jiyong.

Thank you for your devoted leadership. You keep our boys together and structured. Thank you for having an open mind and supporting your fellow members in all their endeavors. Congratulations to your success with Coup D'état this past year, fantastic job as always Kwon Leader. I know you’re currently enjoying your birthday week. Don’t party too hard. Love you.

Choi Seunghyun.

Our Tabi. Thank you for being our five year old with the flawless face. Thank you for gracing us with Doom Dada last year, it was EVERYTHING. It was great to see you since we know you like your privacy. You then turned around and promoted Commitment which is amazing. You’ve also been doing some Reebok promotions, too. Congrats on your face. LMAO. Congratulations on your new movie Tazza 2, can’t wait to see it. You look amazing while promoting it. Just thought you should know. Love you.

Dong Youngbae.

“동영배! 동영배! 사랑해요 동영배!” Tae! CONGRATS ON RISE. OMFG. It is amazing. It’s been such a long time since we’ve seen you this happy. I also love what you’ve been doing with your hair. Werk it sir! I know you’re currently promoting in Japan right now on your Rise tour. Be safe and have fun! Congratulations on all your current and future success. Love you.

Kang Daesung.

Our smiling angel with the angelic voice to go with it. May I add that your hair has been super fluffy and amazing recently! Congratulations on releasing D'slove!!! I know you just wrapped up your tour in Japan. We’re so proud of you, Dae. You’ve worked so hard this past year. Hopefully in this next year or so we’ll hear a Korean solo from you. NO PRESSURE. haha. Love you.

Lee Seunghyun.

Our adorable, endearing maknae. Our spokesperson. Our panda. YOU WORK SO HARD. You released your mini-album with a limited window of time. You became a writer, producer and composer through this mini-album too! You starred in a drama and you were amazing, sir. You are always the king of fanservice. You know why? You know what we want. Even if that means your band members bully you afterwards. Love you.

We VIPs anxiously wait for you boys to return to us with a new album. We miss you so much. Until that day, we will continue to love you unconditionally and support you wholeheartedly.

We heard you were doing your Japan Dome Tour again starting in November. Rest up and travel safely.

If you ever need support, just look out for the yellow light.

Once again, we love you.

Until whenever.

(all gifs are mine.)


And I can hold to the m e m o r i e s

But they won’t hold me in the same way

                   As you