happy 7th anniversary super junior!


I first heard of Super Junior back in 2007, during the Don’t Don era. I was 16 years old then. To be honest, I didn’t like them back then. When I first heard of them, my initial thought was, “Why are they so many?” I couldn’t really make sense of the fact that there are thirteen members. My reasoning was like this, even in a group with just five members, the division of lines in a song is difficult, so how can they manage with thirteen members? It would most likely end up with one or two members hogging the spotlight and everyone else fading into oblivion.

“There’s too many of them. It doesn’t make sense and they’re not going to last.”’

That was my first impression of Super Junior and I didn’t really pay attention to them after that. I knew they existed and I admit I really liked ‘U’ when I heard it but that time, I wasn’t exactly a fan because I couldn’t take them seriously.

Then came 2009 and ‘Sorry Sorry’.

The song was definitely catchy so I decided to watch the music video and that one member who was always on the center and was a really fucking great dancer caught my eye.

It was Eunhyuk.

Or, as I would learn later, Lee Hyukjae.

Yes, it all started with Hyukjae. I wouldn’t even have bothered to learn more about Super Junior and would’ve missed out on being a fan of those amazing boys if I hadn’t seen Lee Hyukjae dancing.

What followed after that was a spazztic fangirl quest to learn more about Hyukjae, Super Junior, their songs, their shows, etc. I had an SJ reality show marathon and through that I found out that SJ is actually composed of a bunch of crazy idiots and I loved it. I saw how they made fun of each other on screen and generally acted like they were on crack but at the same time, I also learned about the hardships they went through and saw the deep bond between the members.

I stopped seeing the ridiculously large boy group with thirteen members and saw Super Junior for what it is, a family.

I liked their songs but what really made me a full-fledged fan, an ELF, were the boys and their crazy, trolling but ultimately hardworking selves.

I’ve been a Super Junior fan for three years and now they’re celebrating their seventh year.

I guess time really flies fast when you’re having fun.

Here’s to more years to come.

Happy 7th Anniversary, Super Junior!