happy 7th anniversary :)

Happy 7th Anniversary my loves!


Happy 7th Anniversary, How to Train Your Dragon!

After polling the fandom, these were people’s top seven favorite moments in the film. The full results can be found here. Thank you to anyone who responded, and thank you to all at DreamWorks who helped bring How to Train Your Dragon into existence. We all owe you for it :)


Happy 7th Anniversary , my fave kind of rainbow Sandaime J Soul Brothers ~!!!!!

I may not know you guys as long as those 7 years, but I am planning to stay for the whole ride ever since i jump to LDHell pit ~~!! 

I am never good with words but what I can say is I love you guys lots and lots ~!! I am so happy that i found you guys and everyday my life is a lot brighter thanks to your existence.On the surface, you guys might not show off your strong bond like other groups, but when you do, the post is so heartwarming and touching that gets me teary-eyed every single time.

i know everyone of you loves Sandaime and you guys always subtly mention it, be it on radio program (Ryuji and Kenchan always throw and diss other members), or interview (Gunchan mentions bout member’s dinner and his plan to have nabe together someday), or their merchandise (elly’s doormat and gunchan iphone ring) and of course their own insta post caption. 

There are many things that makes me so happy and proud stanning you guys, but there is one thing that makes me choooo ureshii this year~ Flashback when LDH Fam creates the #3jsbfanweek and one of the topic is Favorite Outfits/Looks (personal styles or 3JSB related looks/concept). And I choose JSB wearing their own brands~~ i just love the JSB on their back (like Naoki showing it off in JSB Dream MV, and i just realized they also had it in Storm Riders MV bammm whatttt?). Not long after that, you guys announced that you will be having your own brand shop and i couldn’t be any more prouder *chokes on tears*.

So, thank you Sandaime. i wish for more prosperous and healthy year for you guys. Do take care and hope you guys go to sleep, knowing that you are loved , even from this part of the world .



words can’t describe how i felt bout both of you. really.

you guys have done wonderful job, being the vocalist of Sandaime and i hope you guys stay together forever ~ we all can see and feel your love towards sandaime. 

Ryuji always get fired up whenever the members meet , like recent tempura party and minna get drunk and of course ryuji had to shout “yappa, nana-nin ga saikyossu~


Omi , even 10, 20 years he still want to be J Soul Brothers. Because of group, you can also find your dreams. And even though every each one has different solo activities, they will always return to their places of dream , that is with the group. It is their important, number one and never changed, J Soul Brothers. 

and i hope, one day , i can see their 1st place dance awkwardness again . haha.

Thank you for the love, thank you for the dreams.
Forever, until these feelings die,
they will span my heart; I won’t let them go.
We were born here.
We are living here.

I’ll keep on going on this road and wait for you.

I offer up my love, I link together our dreams.
This time will be handed down for generations, eternally,
as we keep singing and protecting it.
It will reach someone.
This unending journey continues on…

Born in the EXILE