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Just wanna ask, while having more than 1-2 year future for spn, why there is a sudden real life absence of j2 and overflowing genneel and het pics and reel life absence of sam dean scenes and more side characters ?

Hello, dear anon!

That is a broad question! Hmm, let’s think about it for a while, shall we? Obviously I don’t know anything for certain, so please treat everything I say as speculation.

March is said to be a very special month for the J’s, isn’t that right? Perhaps an anniversary of some kind. This latest episode (19) was filmed in the beginning of March (SuperWiki guesses between 1st and 8th). While trying to piece together a timeline, it became apparent that the J’s were off between 3rd and 6th of March, which would explain why the episode was so light on the brothers.

I remember reading that the J’s now work 3 days a week, but I really can’t recall the source or the exact time when this was said. As for the reason for this lighter working schedule, I can only guess. There were a couple of things to consider at that time - Jared’s increased anxiety and the upcoming baby (whose birth granted Jared 6 days off of filming according to Jim Michaels).

March was a rather grim month for us believers, but the J’s still didn’t totally manage to hide - there was that date night on the 8th! And let’s not forget the glory that was the date week of early April. They aren’t entirely hidden, as they so beautifully proved to us. ;)

My guess at the reason behind the fortified walls of their closet is that Jared’s beard is trying to launch a career for herself. I’m guessing that by appearing separate, they’re not drawing the attention away from this lifestyle blog attempt of G’s and neither are they creating suspicions in the general / het fan field by hanging out “too much” while they have new-born infants at home.

As for the beards hanging out, uhhh. I have very few thoughts on that. Like so many others, I don’t believe they’re besties. They still probably get along alright, seeing as how they’re pictured together every now and then. I sign the theory that they’re in competition with each other when it comes to fandom attention (posting in succession of each other, anyone?) but these recent pictures of them together could be about strengthening the commune idea.

The hiatus has started and it’s a good time to remind the fans how they’re all such a big, happy family. You know, just in case someone see the J’s together, there’s always that “Our wives are hanging out right now” excuse to fall back on - and historic evidence of such occurances to put some weight on the claim. ;)

Ahh, sorry, I sound cynical! Excuse me for the long ramble. I hope I managed to answer your questions in the process! I hope you have a very lovely weekend ahead of you, sweet anon. Thank you for messaging me!

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New Preference #14- You Get in an Argument (Part 2)

(Part 1)


It’s been a few days since you left that message on Harry’s voicemail. The day after you left it, is when Harry called you, however, you didn’t answer it. You hadn’t answered any of his calls or texts since that night. Part of you knew that giving him the silent treatment was a bit childish, but you mostly just wanted him to get that feeling that you had about him being gone. 

You were cooking yourself some dinner when you hear the front door being opened. There were only a few people besides you, who had a key to your flat, your mom, Harry, and Gemma. You knew that your Mom and Gemma would both call before coming over and they both wouldn’t use the key to come in. You sigh knowing that it was probably Harry. You heard him drop his bag next to the door, along with his keys before walking towards the kitchen. 

“Do you want to tell me what the hell is going on with you?” Harry says.

You don’t say anything as you stir your food around in the pot. 

“Are you really doing this right now?” Harry asks. “First, you leave a bizarre and confusing voicemail on my phone and then when I try to call you to clear it up, you don’t answer. Now, I decide to fly thousands of miles to you, so that we can talk about this face to face, yet you’re still ignoring me.” 

“I didn’t ask you to fly back.” You say. “You chose to do that. Just like you chose to fly out there in the first place.” 

He sighs running his hands over his face. “So, you’re telling me that you’re pissed.. this pissed just because I went to LA?” 

“Yes!” You say. “Yes, I am and it’s not just simply because you went to LA, Harry. It’s because you always go there. Whenever you don’t have to be somewhere else or you don’t have to be here, you just book a flight and go. You don’t care about what I’m doing or if I can go. It’s only about you.” 

He sighs. “Y/N. That’s not true. I just know that you can’t travel as much as I do,  and I wanted to go see my friends for a bit. I didn’t realize that was a crime.” 

“I never said it was and I get that you have friends over there, but it just sucks okay?” You sigh sadly. “It’s bad enough that you’re most of the year on tour and then as soon as you’re done, you come home for maybe a few days or weeks and then you leave again. I feel like you don’t even care to spend time with me, so I’m sorry if that makes me feel like you don’t want to be with me because you prefer the life and the friends that you have over there. My life, my job, my friends, and my family are here and I can’t just up leave it because you want to go somewhere.” 

Harry walked over towards you to wrap his arms around you. “Baby, why didn’t you ever tell me how you felt before?” 

“Because I felt like if you really wanted to be here, you would be.” You sniffle. 

“Well, I feel like a complete dick of a boyfriend.” He sighs kissing your head. “And I feel like doing this now, would seem a little like I’m trying to bribe you or something, and I was hoping to do this more romantically, but there is a reason why I’ve been going back and forth to LA a lot more lately.” He says. 

You look up at him curiously and confused. 

“And it’s not to be away from you. That is honestly the last thing that I want.” He says. “But I went because I was working on a special project.” 

He leaves the kitchen for a bit and comes back with something in his hand. “I contacted a jewelry designer and I’ve meeting going over to meet with them because I wanted this to be perfect.” He whispers bringing out a small velvet box. 

He opens it up to reveal a diamond ring. You gasp looking up at him. “Is that-” 

“Yes, it’s an engagement ring.” He whispers. 

“Oh my god.” You say. 

“Y/N, I’m sorry that I’ve made you feel like you have, but baby I love you so much and I don’t want to be away from you, I want to be with you. I want to be with you for the rest of my life, will you marry me?” He whispers. 

You sniffle nodding quickly before jumping in his arms. He laughs holding you tightly as he spins you around. “I love you.” You whisper. 

“I love you too.” He whispers before putting the ring on your finger and leaning down to kiss you. 


Liam walks over to the bathroom door. He tries to open it, but he realizes it’s locked. Not that his entirely too surprised. He knocks quietly on the door and whispers your name. 

“Y/N, Baby, can you let me in?” He asks. 

“No. Just leave me alone. “ You sniffle from the other side of the door. 

You can hear him sigh and hit the door gently. 

“I feel horrible about forgetting Y/N. Don’t you think that this day is special for me too and knowing that I forgot about it..” He sighs. “I can’t believe that we’ve been together for 6 months… I did have all of these really great ideas, but time just got away from me and I wasn’t able to arrange them. I promise I will make it up to you and we may not get to do some of those things today ,but I will make today just as special, just please give me a chance” 

You sigh unlocking the door, but you don’t open it. Liam takes that as an okay and slowly opens the door. He walks over to you and sits next to you. 

“I really didn’t mean to forget.” He whispers. “I love you and want to celebrate being with you. I know that my words can’t make up for my actions, but I just feel like saying sorry is all that I can do right now, until I can make it up to you.” 

“Wait…” You whisper. “You love me?” You ask looking up at him. 

He looks away, blushing a bit. “I uh.. well.. yeah.. I do, Y/N. I love you.” He whispers. 

“Wow.” You whisper looking forward, away from Liam. “I didn’t expect that. I don’t mean that I didn’t expect for you to love me, but for you to actually say it today…” 

“Well, I do mean it.” He whisper taking your hand. “I love you Y/N. I love you a lot. I understand if you don’t feel the same or think it’s too soon, but-” 

“I love you too.” You whisper. “I love you, Liam.” You smile. 

“Really?” He smiles widely. You giggle nodding. He smirks leaning over to kiss you. 

“Happy 6th month anniversary.” He whispers against your lips. 

“Happy 6th month anniversary.” You giggle.


Louis looks at his phone knowing that the car would be here any minute to pick you two up. He felt bad about this whole situation, but you never said anything about it. He walks into the bedroom and sees you sitting on the bed. 

“Why do you always want to go out with your friends?” You ask simply. “I understand that we’re young and everything, but why can’t we just spend time together.” 

“It’s not that I don’t want to spend time with you, it’s just that, I don’t get to see my friends while I’m on tour and I feel like I have to catch up when I’m not on tour. Besides we’re not in LA that long this time, so I just thought you were fine with hanging out with everyone.” He says. 

“I am okay with it, but I would like to just be with you sometimes too.” You whisper. “And I definitely get the feeling that you don’t want or care about that.” 

Louis walks over to you and sits down on the bed. “Of course I want to spend time with you.” he says. “It’s not about that, I promise.” 

“I’m sorry that I haven’t put you first this trip and that we’ve been going out every night.” He whispers. “How about this, I’ll call everyone and tell them that we’re staying in tonight. I’m also sorry about how I reacted when I came in. I should have been a lot nicer and more grateful when you made that really delicious smelling dinner.” He whispers. 

“Well, I guess you can make it up to me tonight.” You smirk. 

“Oh, I can definitely do that.” He smirks. “But first, I really want whatever it is that you cooked.” 

You laugh. “Well, come on, then.” You laugh puling him off the bed. “Cause I got plans for you later.” 


Niall hadn’t returned any of your phone calls and honestly you couldn’t blame him. You practically accused him of cheating because of a photo. You told him that you trusted him, but your words and actions were speaking differently. You knew that there was only going to be one way to resolve this argument, which is why you were heading to the hotel that Niall and the boys were staying at. 

You grab your bags and pay the driver before heading inside. You had gotten Niall’s room number from Harry, so that Niall wouldn’t know that you were coming. At least you hope he didn’t know that you were coming. 

You get to the floor and the room and you knock on the door. A few minutes go before the door is opened. Niall stands there, just waking up from a nap. His eyes widen in surprise when he sees you. 

“W-What? How?” He says. 

“Harry gave me the hotel and room information.” You whisper. 

“Ah. Well, uh, come in.” He says opening the door more for you. 

You walk in, feeling a bit awkward, starting to rethink this surprise visit. 

“Not that I’m not happy to see you, but what are you doing here?” He asks. 

“I wanted to move on from this argument we’re having and I just.. needed to see you.” you whisper. 

Niall sighs walking over and hugging you tightly. “I know what you mean.” He whispers. 

“I’m sorry about what I said.” You sniffle. “I do trust you, I promise. I just.. it’s hard sometimes.” 

“I know and honestly, if it were the other way around, I probably would have reacted the same way.” He whispers. “But Y/N, you have to know that I love you and only you. I only want you, I will never cheat on you.” 

“I do know that.” You whisper. “And I want you to know that I wouldn’t cheat on you either. I don’t want anyone else.” 

“That makes me feel better.” He smiles. “I’m really glad that you came.” He whispers. 

“Me too.” you smile. “So, are we better?” 

“Hmm.. I think we have some more making up to do..” He smirks walking you back towards the bed. 

You giggle. “I think I’m going to like this part of the making up.” You smirk leaning into kiss him. 

It doesn't matter how different our language or culture is, 
or how far we are from each other. An smile or the sound
of a laugh means and shares a same warm feeling. It's
contagious, because suddenly you are smiling and
sharing the moment with them.

U-KISS is love, a family that isn't because of the blood
in their bodies but a big bond that only a true friendship
can do. And not only between them, because they also
have the ability to make bonds with their fans. Kissme
meets another Kissme and this beautiful family grows
up more and more. And it's so cute how they give a
nice welcome to new people. Old and new times...
they are all precious and have a lot of meaning
for them and for me.

I only have 3 years being a Kissme, but I feel like
if I followed them since the beginning. They give
me strength and courage, something that I couldn't find in
myself until I saw them showing it. I didn't know the
meaning of hard work before them. They also gave
me self-steem, especially my bias. I know a lot of
people who was changed and helped by them and
even when it's weird, you won't know about it until
that happens to you. I get teary everytime I think
deeply about them, because I feel pretty, I'm
happier and I like myself more because of
U-KISS. They are my rainbow, my sunshine,
the light that bright for me when everything it's
dark. I met amazing people because of them too.

I would like to share everything with you, but I
can't express my feelings so easily without cry
or be cheesy haha. You guys are more just than
only a group of idols who sing and dance. That's
why somethimes I don't think I'm just a fan.
I also would like to meet them, seeing them
smiling in person and breath the same air that
them. But even when I'm only another little
person in the Earth, I'll be happy only seeing
them being happy. 'Cause I cry with them,
I laugh with them, I share my life with them.

The one that warms my heart is you, U-KISS ♥
Thank you so much for every single moment that
you gave me, for everything. I love every single
one of you, my 10 beautiful little stars. Let's
share more adventures together! I'll be with
you until the very end~

U-KISS; Alexander, Soohyun, Kibum, Kiseop,
Eli, AJ, Hoon, Kevin, Dongho and Jun.
Happy 6th anniversary. I love you with
all my heart!! ♥ FIGHTING!

- Gabby ~
Teach Me How To Love (part 6) Bad Habits

Alright yall this is the next part in this long ass one shot lol…anyway…this is a long chapter by the way and yes I am still calling it a one shot lmfao. Anyway this title is going out to dayjavoo1 again…She’s on a roll lol!!! Anyway I hope you all enjoy this part and if you have any title suggestions I will love to use em. I will try and remember to tag those interested. If you have not read the previous parts before please check the tag below. Teach Me How To Love Fanfic.

Sam arrived back in his office upset and noticed Brittany bouncing her way over to him. He closed his eyes and sighed as he felt he never got a break when it came to her. He hoped that she could see that he was sporting the “Fuck off” look for the day and was in no mood to deal with numbers. Unfortunately, she ignored the look and greeted him as if she saw nothing.

“Hey Sam, I’m happy I caught you just in time to show you the corrections I’ve made.” She smiled and walked along side of him. He looked over at her as she held the tablet close to her chest, causing them to plump up and out. He turned his gaze back to the end of the hall where his office was reminding himself that he just needed to make a couple more steps before he reaches solitude.

“Can you just email them to me?”

“Yes I can but I thought you’d want to see it in all its glory before we present it to Apple.” She replied shoving it in his hand. “You’ll be happy to know that I have also increased the resolution of the screens. Click here!” she instructed stopping him so that she could lean over and press the button. Sam smiled as

he watched the display flash and the picture of a beach appeared. Ten years ago, if someone told him one day that he would be the owner of the company that produces these things, he would have called them a liar. Which is another reason that he was pissed, how is it that Finn didn’t recognize him? Granted, he wasn’t a celebrity but he was featured in Forbes Magazine a year ago as being someone to watch out for. His products were being used by many out there and he could bet some of his software was probably in Finn’s phone right now.

“This is incredible, Brittany! Good job! Have you run this over to Artie yet?” he asked really wanting to get away. Days like these he wished he could just disappear for a while and not have to deal with the business side of things but he knew that the company would tank if he did anything like that. This weekend vacation at his parents will be well needed.

“I’m heading over there right now!” she smiled taking the tablet from Sam and turning away. He smiled and continued to his office stopping just in time to see Rory preparing for lunch.

“Enjoy your lunch, Rory!” he stated forcing a smile on his face. Rory smiled back and started handing him a couple notes.

“I’ve taken the liberty to write down the calls you missed while you were gone, sir!” he smiled as Sam took them and read them over.

“Rory, why didn’t you just email them to me?” Sam asked exhausted with the numerous times he had to explain the process to Rory.

“I know sir, but I know you have a lot of emails and I don’t want this to be flushed out. Plus I promised your mother that I will make sure that you call her today and Ms. Sylvester said that she will be stopping by later.” He added handing Sam another note.

“Very well, Rory! See you after lunch!” he walked into his office, sitting down, he shoved aside his prescription that Mercedes had given him and picked up his office phone to call his mother. The phone rang a couple times and just as he was about to hang up and try her cellphone she picked up the phone huffing and puffing with the sound of jazz playing the background. Sam pulled the phone away from his ears as he prayed his mother didn’t just answer the phone in the midst of having sex.

“Hello!” he heard her repeat a couple times in between huffs. “Dwight, turn that music down a bit I can’t hear the phone!” she shouted. Sam slowly placed the phone back to his ear and waited on the volume to descend. “Hello?”

“Hey mom, it’s Sam!” he announced still praying that she was not in the middle of having sex with his dad.

“Ohhh hey Sammy! What a surprise!” she stated then it sounded as if she covered the phone. “Honey its Sammy!” Sam smiled as he heard his dad say hello from the background in the midst of huffing and puffing.

“Mom…were you guys just…?” he paused not knowing how to ask his parents this question.

“Were we what?” she asked. “Hold on let me go into the other room. Your father and I were just doing some Pilates to some really nice jazz music.” She added. Sam closed his eyes and thanked God that that was all they were doing. “We’re trying to get our sexy back for this cruise trip we’re taking in the summer.”


“What did you think we were doing, Sammy?” she asked and he could just see the smile on her face through the phone. He really missed his mother and couldn’t wait to see her that weekend for their annual family dinner celebrating their anniversary.

“Nothing mom! How are you?”

“Well, I’m good now hearing from you Mr. Busy man! I’ve been calling you and all I get is that adorable assistant of yours with the Irish accent telling me I just missed you.”

“I know I’m sorry mom…just a lot going on but I’m calling now and will work on calling more.” He promised.

“Speaking of calling more, I just got off the phone with your brother Stevie. He’s been calling me a whole lot since he started a relationship with a girl from his campus.” His mother started. Sam knew exactly where this was going and he just held the phone and listened waiting for the bomb to drop. “And your sister apparently has found love too!”

“Found love? They’ve only been at the school a year! How can they already be in love?”

“Sam, how many times do I have to tell you that love doesn’t know time and time knows no love?” she asked and waited for him to respond.

“All the time!”

“And how many times do I have to tell you the story about how I met your father and…”

“Yes I know…you went on 5 dates and on the 6th date you ran off to Vegas and got married.” He cut her off rolling his eyes with a smirk on his face after hearing the story so many times. “The love you and dad have was the last of its kind! That doesn’t exist in real life, mom! Real life deals with heartache and heartbreaks!”

“That’s a huge pile of cow manure you’re serving me on the phone Sammy!” his mother stated causing him to laugh. “A love like this does exist and your father and I are proof of it! I am pretty sure there are many more out there.”

“Maybe you’re right!” he replied knowing it was best to agree to disagree on that subject. His mother sighed and he could just tell that she was shaking her head at him. He was a bitter disappointment to her and he could hear it.

“Well that is why we have invited your brother and sister with their significant others to the dinner this weekend so that they can see what real love looks like!” she stated. “Thirty years in the making and still in love!”

“What? This dinner is reserved for the Evans’ family only!” Sam stated realizing he will be the only one there with no one to call his own. He had no one to blame but himself for that but that didn’t change the fact that he no longer wanted to go.

“It’s my party and I can change it if I want to!” she sang. Sam shook his head at his mother as she continued. “Look Sammy, I know since Quinn you haven’t really found that one to move on to…”

“I am seeing someone!” he shouted and then regretted immediately after. Why he said it will forever be a mystery but it caught her attention and she squealed with joy. Sam prayed she didn’t ask who it was. Who could he bring? This was a terrible idea.

“Oh my God! Dwight! Sammy is seeing someone!” she shouted right into the phone. Sam shook his head at himself. “What’s her name? Tell me about her! I can’t believe you’ve been hiding this from me! All my babies are in love!” she squealed again.

“I’m not in love! I’ve just been seeing this really nice woman lately and I didn’t want to jinx it by telling you about it.” He lied again.

“Well, the cat’s out the bag now! What’s her name?” she asked again. Sam looked around his office for anything that he could use for now then his eyes settled on his prescription that was sitting on his desk still.

“Her name is Mercedes!” he replied. Technically he was lying there. He was seeing her, just not romantically, if his dreams weren’t being counted.

“Oooh Mercedes! How exotic! Sam…is she…” she paused allowing for him to fill in the blank for her.

“Yes mom she’s black and I think you will love her!” he stated digging himself in a deeper grave. He heard her clapping and then shouting to her dad that he was dating a black woman. Sam laughed when he heard his dad say “Attaboy!”

“Sammy, I am so happy you found love! Bring her this weekend and I will not take no for an answer. You tell her I said that, okay?”

“Okay mom!”

“I gotta go now…your dad’s looking really sexy right now with all the sweat on his body!” she stated as he heard the sound of the music getting louder.

“Over share mom, over share! Love you!”

“Who loves me?”

“I love you, mom!” he laughed knowing how much she hated when he would just say love you instead of I love you.

“I love you, Sammy and see you this weekend!” she shouted over the music and hung up the phone. Sam turned towards the window and looked at the sky.

“God why did you give me such a big mouth?” he asked out loud.

“I have been asking everyone the same question!” he heard his lawyer Sue Sylvester, respond from behind him. “Those gargantuan lips flapping together can most definitely cause some uproar where your God can hear you and answer you!” she stated walking in and closing the door.

“Hey Sue, happy to see you!” he greeted turning his chair in her direction. He watched her walk over and pick up the prescription off the desk and then smiled at him.

“So I see you took my recommendation and went to see Dr. Jones! How did it go? Have you stopped wanting to hump my leg or do we need to get you fixed?” she asked placing the prescription back on the table.

“It’s going fine! I’d like to thank you for recommending her!” he replied.

“Great! I figured after seeing her that you’d be cured!” Sue said with a sinister smile on her face. “I am shocked that her ass and your lips could all fit inside of her office.” Sam sighed as he listened to her insult him as usual. If it weren’t for the fact that she was so good at her job he would have fired her a long time ago.

“Have you taken the time to review the Apple contract?” he asked changing the subject. “I want to make sure that this deal doesn’t bite me in the ass later on.”

“I was just on my way to see wheels to see where he stands on this.” She stood then stopped. “Damn, there I go again being silly. We all know he can’t stand!” she smiled at her own offensive joke and headed out the door. “I’ll get back to you after I go through it with a fine tooth comb.” She shouted as she walked away. Sam pulled out the card Mercedes gave him the other day with her cellphone number written on it and debated on if he should call or tell his mother the truth. She is engaged but from what he saw today it seemed like there was trouble in paradise anyway. After a long debate with his own internal thoughts he decided asking Mercedes would be best. Sam took a deep breath and picked up the phone knowing he had only one chance to get her to come with him and he needed to call her now.

“Hey Mercedes…it’s Sam!”


“How many times…are you gonna apologize about the same thing? And how many times can I take you back…when I’m not the one that’s doing wrong?” Mercedes sang along with music blasting inside of Unique’s apartment. She held her glass of wine in one hand and the remote in the other as she pretended it was a microphone.

“Sing that shit, girl!” Unique exclaimed as she sipped her drink. Mercedes had just told her what happened earlier that day with Finn showing up unannounced at her office as if things were going to be okay between them.

“I thought maybe if I started praying that we would get better, but, when I would pray the answer would always come back to me bein’ done…but we are so hard headed when we’re in love…so I…” she sang and swayed taking a long sip from her drink and then jumping back into the song. “Every time that we break up we turn around and make up…this can’t go on now…I gotta move on now…it’s not the fact that I don’t love you no more…but I gotta break this bad habit…”

“Can’t take this bad habit no more!” Unique finished for her. They both sipped and swayed listening to the words of Destiny’s Child’s Kelly Rowland soothe their mind. Mercedes smiled and held her drink up jumping back into the song.

“And then when I get mad you buy me gifts…thinkin’ it’s gonna solve every issue! From the girl calling my phone, to the pictures that I saw…you know what I saw!” she sang nodding with the words. “I’ve taking all I can take…but the way I live has gotta change….ohhhh!”

“Girl, this song is the truth!” Unique stated turning it down. “It’s like she wrote those lyrics about you and Finn girl!”

“Right! It’s crazy!” she agreed sipping the last of her drink and setting it down. “But like the song says I had to move on, you know! Took me long enough but I did it finally and I am proud of myself.”

“Girl I wish I was there to see him kicking them damn chairs!” Unique said laughing. Mercedes joined in laughing as she remembered it all.

“I would have been scared if it was the first time I saw him have that little tantrum. He straight went Street fighter mode on the chair. Just Ryu kicked it!” She rolled her eyes. “Coming in there with this big ass teddy bear and had the nerve to bring my favorite flowers too!”

“He’s foul just foul! I’m happy you stuck your guns though!” Unique stated walking over to hug her friend. She was hardheaded but she was a great friend to have and Finn has no idea what he had just lost out on. Mercedes frowned as she recalled the sad look on his face when she told him to leave. It was hard to do but she knew she had to do it.

“I almost caved though…but I heard your voice telling me enough is enough and I had to send him packing! He can go back to Quinn or Rachel, whatever Berry!” she looked over and saw her phone vibrating and got up to retrieve it. “You think if I was the one with a child out there that I never told him about that he would have been cool with it?” she asked as she walked to her phone.

“Hell to the no!”

“Exactly!” she agreed looking at her phone and not recognizing the number. “I don’t recognize this number…you think it’s Finn?” she asked looking over at Unique as she laughed.

“Girl just answer it and if it’s him let me cuss him out a bit!” Unique stated. She smiled at her friend and slid her finger across the screen answering it.

“Hey Mercedes…it’s Sam!”

“Hey Sam…is everything alright?” she asked looking over to Unique and mouthing that she would be back as she stepped into the kitchen for privacy.

“Oh…um…yeah…I’m fine…well not exactly!” he rambled then fell silent. “Hello?”

“Yeah Sam…I’m still here! Are you experiencing urges right now?” she asked as she looked at her watch for the time. He would have been just leaving work at this time she assumed. She remembered he mentioned that work was where he saw women the most and had the most urges.

“No but I need a really big favor from you and I will understand if you say no but please hear me out first.” He stated. Mercedes looked at the phone and then placed it back on her ear. She was praying he was not about to ask her for some booty. As fine as he was she was not about to go there with her patient especially when she just got out of a relationship.


“Okay, remember I told you about my mother and how she has high hopes for me?” he rambled quickly about her hopes of him finding love and that they were having a dinner this weekend in Tennessee. Mercedes wasn’t sure where this was going but she didn’t like it at all.

“Sam…what does this have to do with the favor?”

“Just hear me out first so that you can understand why I am asking for the favor.” He replied then took a deep breath before continuing. “Okay so I told my mom that I was seeing you and she wants to meet you this weekend.”

“Okay so you told your mother that you’re seeing a therapist and she wants to meet me, what’s the big deal? Why don’t you bring her in my office?” Mercedes asked. Sam sighed loudly into the phone and then spoke again.

“No I kind of told her that we were romantically seeing each other and now she wants me to take you to meet her. And I was wondering…”

“No Sam! This is highly inappropriate!” she stated cutting him off. “I am your therapist…I can’t just take a trip with you and pretend to be your girlfriend. That will not help you and your mother’s relationship.” She replied. Sam didn’t say a word as she spoke. She closed her eyes already seeing him pouting his cute lips at her. “How long do I have to do this?”

“Just for the weekend! No funny business! I promise!” he stated. She could hear the excitement in his voice as she asked questions. “We will leave this Friday and be back Sunday morning!” he added. Unique had heard the tail end of the conversation and was smiling from ear to ear as she entered the kitchen.

“Girl you better go and get your freak on!” she stated softly before twerking all over the counters in the kitchen.

“Alright Sam! I guess I can use this to see what your relationship is like with your family but there will be no bumping of the uglies! You hear me?”

“Scouts honor!” he replied smiling as he hung up the phone.

Hello my beautiful people! ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Today, april 6th, is my very first anniversary here on tumblr. This blog is finally one year old! Also, I was planning to do this ever since I reached 5000+ followers count, but I was way too busy. To be honest I never thought that so many people would follow me and it kind of still amazes me.

Since this is my 3rd follow forever, I won’t be including all followers here, but only my closest friends, fav blogs and people who supported me the most on here. If you find your name on this list, you are either my favorite blog, or my friend, or simply I noticed your URL in my notifications while you were reblogging stuff from me and tagging me in all those cute tag-thingies, which, like automatically, makes you my friend.

This is my way of saying: Thank you, thank you so much! Thank you for following this mess of a blog that started as an personal storage of all things that make me happy, starting with rain and ending with all my KPOP obsessions. During this one year, I have made some great friends who helped me cope with a lot of things related/un-related to kpop here, and i can’t thank you enough. Special thanks to all people who always reblog all my edits and GIFs. I love you <3  . So, enough with this greasy stuff and on to the follow forever~

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