happy 50th b day

Happy 50th Captain Swan Day!

Hello Friends!

50th! wow!

This Sunday I want to get to know you all better!

Let’s start CS GTKY!

How we do it?

- i’ll write few question

- who wants to answer any of them - please create your own post 

- copy my questions, title post as CS GTKY 1

- write your answers - you don’t have to answer them all

- tag your friends, maybe they will create their own posts

- please tag me, i want to know you all better (i’ll reblog it)

- have fun, lots of fun



1. Your favorite CS team work moment.

2. Close your eyes. What place do you see when you think about your happy, peaceful place. What do you do there?

3. Recommend us TV show currently in TV that you love to watch (or two or three…)

4. Do you have TV show you want to see? Maybe based on your favorite books?

5. Your favorite fruit?

6. Last movie you watched?

I’m waiting for your answers!

My answers I’ll post in separate post.

If you have questions suggestions for future CS GTKY - message me! I’ll tag author of the question in my post - let me know what do you want to know about your shipmates!