happy 4th to all my us followers


                          HAPPY 4TH ANNIVERSARY ONE DIRECTION!!

I just want to say that ive been a fan of One Direction since they formed, and ive become a more dedicated fan as the years went by. I have met alot of dedicated fans like myself along the way, supporting them through tough and funny times. I have talked to alot of my followers on this tumblr account, and it couldnt have been more of a success if it wasnt for you guys and the boys of course. 

They have helped all of us through our worst of times, and their is no way to thank them for helping them change my life, and yours. I cant believe its been 4 years today that they were formed, and im so grateful, because i wouldnt have been the person i am today if it wasnt for their music, honesty and their inspiration. They have made me a better person, and im sure you reading this right now will reflect on your life, seeing that they have touched your lives in so many good ways. Their is nothing else i wanna say other than thank you to my followers for your dedication to my page and for all the support you guys have shown me. And most importantly, thank you to Niall, Liam, Harry, Zayn and Louis for changing our lives for all the better, and Happy Anniversary! 

                                 WE LOVE YOU ONE DIRECTION! 



I have a lot of feelings lately(all the time) but with the upcoming weekend I’m feeling extra nostalgic and mushy. Thursday is the 2 year anniversary for Kevin and I and this time last year I was visiting and we were both hoping it would be the last holiday/anniversary we would spend apart. AND IT WAS.

I think our anniversary will always bring back the best feels apart from the obvious because 2 years ago he asked me to be his girlfriend right before I ran my big 5k I had spent months training for. Last year I got to experience the 4th with his family and they go all out because it’s also his little brother’s birthday. We kinda lucked out that celebrating us being together will always be a fun time with fireworks and watermelon.

This probably won’t be the last time this week I go all Kevinori emotional on you guys on social media but I was just hit with the feels checking my time hop today.

So happy I started following this guy on tumblr one day. Best decision ever!!

leggytheruby  asked:

Are you going to draw your squids celebrating Independence Day well for us Usa folks its on the 4th


I don’t think any of these characters are American… NO WAIT. Tetrox has Southern American accent! But, she’s from Octovalley… Not really America… Eeeehhh… I doubt I will. But gosh darn happy MURICA DAY my all American followers