happy 4th of july tomorrow to all the americans (well to everyone but you know what i mean)

Rhode Island - Part 2

Taylor had been busying herself inside, cleaning, cooking and making the place look perfect. Adam had been outside for a suspicious amount of time and had forbidden her to come outside for the morning. She had no idea what he was up to but it was nice to see him excited about the day; she had been worried he would see this kind of party as a bit juvenile and wouldn’t want to hang out with such a younger crowd than his own. Pulling her out of her thoughts was the sound of her ringtone, her phone gently vibrating across the table. She grabbed it and swiped across the screen immediately.

‘Hey Gigi.’

‘Hi Tay, how’s the party prep going?’

‘It’s fine, you know me, I won’t stop until it’s perfect. Anyway, what’s up?’

‘I know this is asking a lot but I was just wondering if Joe could come along for the weekend? I know you’re both friends now and he was with us in London but in your house is slightly different. I wasn’t sure how you and Adam would feel about it.’

Taylor paused momentarily - more at the sound of ‘your house’ combined with ‘you and Adam’ - she snapped back into reality. Her friends meant the world to her so of course it was fine. ‘Gigi, of course. He is more than welcome to come.’

She thought about the man outside being anyone other than Adam and considered their reaction to an ex-boyfriend staying over for the weekend. The situations couldn’t be more different, she knew he wouldn’t care.

‘OK, great. Thanks Tay. I can’t wait to see you later’

After ending the call to Gigi, Adam walked back into the house, smiling to himself. ‘Babe, come outside with me for a second. I have something to show you but you have to cover your eyes.’

She laughed but did as he asked, feeling his hands on her waist leading her out of the back door. From the direction he was leading her she knew they were headed to the pool.

‘If you push me in this pool I will kill you Adam.’ she retorted, half jokingly.

The sound of his belly laughter near her ear made her smile and made her stomach clench. She loved that sound. ‘Babe, I promise I won’t.’ He moved her into position, teasingly gliding his hands over her hips and squeezing her gently. ‘Ok, open up.’

Her eyes opened up and she raised her hand to her mouth in shock. ‘This is what you’ve been doing all morning?’ Before her the pool was filled with inflatable animals, just like the one back at Adam’s house that she’d become obsessed with. Her eyes welled up and he noticed.

‘'Wait, why are you upset? Don’t you like them?’ he was worried that he’d acted too rashly, this was her house, her party.

‘'I can’t believe you’ve done this! I love it!’ She paused, turning to face him. ‘I love you.’

Relief washed over his face. ‘Oh good. I just wanted our first 4th of July party to go well, I wanted to contribute something. And, I love you too.’

Her heart swelled in her chest at the sound of ‘our’ - the thought of many more parties, events, celebrations with him filled her with happiness. She couldn’t remember being so excited for her future with someone before.  ‘Our party…I like the sound of that.’

He kissed her on the forehead and moved away from her towards the house. ‘Babe, I’m going to jump in the shower, people will be here soon, right?’

She watched him walk away from her - his bare back and muscles moving between his shoulders holding her attention. ‘Babe, Joe is coming with Gigi for the weekend, that’s ok isn’t it?’ she knew he’d been fine with it but a small shred of doubt inside her had to check.

‘Fine with me, love’ he called back, not even pausing to think. She was relieved but then he halted, coming to a standstill. He turned around to face her. ‘Is Nick coming?’

She laughed, Adam had really hit it off with Nick the few times they’d met and she found it adorable. ‘Yes, Nick is coming!’ He smiled back at her and turned to walk to the house. ‘Adam? Is there room in your shower for me?’ she smiled to herself, a mischievous smile.

He stopped and reached one hand out behind him to take hers. She half skipped half ran towards him and grabbed hold, their hands fitting together perfectly.


The guests had arrived and the party was in full swing. Adam and Austin were sorting food, Selena and Serayah were dancing in the garden whilst the music blared. People were jumping into the pool, splashing each other from the inflatable zoo that was floating on the surface. She looked around, a deep feeling of content. This was exactly what she wanted, what she needed. Her life was perfect in this moment and she didn’t want it to ever end.

All of a sudden a pair of huge arms came up from behind her and grabbed her around the middle lifting her into the air. He started running over to the pool with her struggling in his arms, people cheering him on from either side. 

‘Adam! Don’t you dare!’ she squealed. It was too late, she felt him leap into the air and before she knew it they were both submerged. She clung to him and they pushed towards to the top - towards the air. The moment she breathed in the air she looked over at him, his infectious smile getting rid of any feelings of anger. He wrapped his arms around her, his hands moving down to moving down to her hips. She wrapped her legs around him; she didn’t care who was around them or who saw. She had no shame in the physical need she had for him. Monkey-like she moved around so that she was on his back and he walked the out of the pool, with an ease and strength that gave her goosebumps. 

Gigi, busy snapping away turned the camera to them - unbeknownst to either Taylor or Adam. His arms were holding her up, hands strongly grasping her thighs. She leant around and kissed his cheek, the slight smudge of lipstick left amongst his beard. She had never felt so contented, so safe. 

After food, dancing, group shots and inflatable fun in the pool the party began to wind down. Taylor took the opportunity she knew she wouldn’t have tomorrow and pulled Adam outside away from the weekend guests.

‘I wish you didn’t have to leave tomorrow.’ she said, curled up on his lap, her American flag onesie keeping her warm against the night chill in the air.

‘I know, babe, but I have to work. I wish I could stay - believe me.’

‘I know, I know. I just miss you when you’re gone.’ she was absent-mindedly stroking his chest, back and forth. The motion calming her as well as the warmth of him next to her. ‘It means so much to me that you were here, with everyone.’

‘Of course, love.’ he leaned down to kiss her and at first it was soft. Romantic. But she deepened it and pulled herself closer to him, she wanted to touch every part of him and he more than reciprocated her movements. He liked that she could go from 0 to 60 in a second, from cute to sexy, from serious to playful. He loved every facet that made her, her. Their kissing was becoming urgent, hard; they were pulling at each others clothes. Adam broke away, breathless and looking at her with pure lust in his eyes. ‘I think we should take this upstairs, Taylor. I can’t promise to behave myself if we stay here.’

She nodded, still not ready to speak, words still failing her. Her thoughts were clouded with him. They stood up and made their way through the house, Adam speaking for them both, telling the others they were calling it a night. The second they were upstairs and in their room, their clothes were off. Skin to skin contact finally allowing Taylor to feed her craving. Rounds of lovemaking later they fell into an exhausted but satisfied sleep, tangled up in each other’s bodies.


Taylor woke, hours later to an empty bed and an empty feeling in her chest - she knew he’d left already, probably reluctant to wake her knowing that she had trouble sleeping. She turned over towards his side of the bed, a scrawled note lay on his pillow.

To my favourite American, enjoy the July 4th celebrations today. I love you and I miss you already. Adam x

She pulled the note to her heart and smiled.