happy 47th


Happy 47th or 48th* anniversary skinny legend 牛姐 😍😍😍😍😍 this performance moves me to tears (metaphorical since i cannot cry) every time i listen to it

 *Sources differ.

“Come on, Wonderboy, play hooky for a day. For old time’s sake?”
Happy 47th birthday to Susan Egan (born February 18th, 1970), she is the original voice actress of Megara in both the movie “Hercules” and in Kingdom Hearts II! With the return of Olympus Coliseum in Kingdom Hearts III, could Wonderboy’s lover make a return as well? #BDayKH


Happy 47th birthday to John Frusciante!

John Frusciante was a very, very important person in our life, still he’s. We love him, he’s an unbelievable musician and an incredible guitar player, singer, songwriter. Some of the music that he created with us, some of our best music that we ever made, I’ll be forever indebted to be in a band with someone like him, probably the best rock guitar player alive. He’s incredible and we’re very greteful for having him. It was time for change and he wanted to make change and we, with our blessings, we said “John, go on and do your thing.”  Chad Smith talking about John Frusciante, 2012.

  • Chad Smith and John Frusciante event in November, 2003.