happy 47th

“Come on, Wonderboy, play hooky for a day. For old time’s sake?”
Happy 47th birthday to Susan Egan (born February 18th, 1970), she is the original voice actress of Megara in both the movie “Hercules” and in Kingdom Hearts II! With the return of Olympus Coliseum in Kingdom Hearts III, could Wonderboy’s lover make a return as well? #BDayKH


Okiayu-san, happy 47th birthday~~!!! (11.17.69)

Waaaah~ Thank you for voicing both of my childhood (Tezuka and Shigure) Also, thank you for the BLs~~~ Hahahahaha! Well you’re in your late 40s now so please really take care of your health ^^ Just 3 more years and you’ll be 50. Thank you a lot for all the variety of characters you bring and I hope you keep doing so in the future. That’s all. Take care of yourself and have fun today with Maeda-san (I meant Ai-san. Forgot she’s Okiayu Ai now XD Though she still uses Maeda so I guess it’s fine), your child / children and with you co-workers~ Good luck with work today!!!