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happy fnaf day!!! arg I’m so happy!! if fnaf didn’t exist I wouldn’t be here…so thank you all!! and yes I know this is late but its been very busy for me and I stayed up late working on this…hope you all enjoy!!

edit: yes its been 3 years I know. it was late when I finished this up I was tired and wrote 4 years. my bad.


The Many Faces of Victor Nikiforov - Episode 1

So for the anniversary of Yuri!!! on Ice airing, I’ve decided to start my Victor expressions series (to match my Yuuri series) and post 1 a week to match the air dates!

We can actually learn a lot about Victor in just this episode, especially if you compare how he looks when skating at 15 vs 27 years old. We also learn about a few of Victor’s different sides – namely what he’s like in private, in public, and in front of the media. The one outlying expression to all of that in this entire episode is the very first time we see him – in the scene cut away from time with only Victor and Yuuri. I believe that this scene is incredibly meaningful… considering the next time we see that expression on Victor isn’t until episode 9, I don’t feel that this is jumping to too many conclusions.

A few notes on some of the other gifs chosen:

The one with him holding up his medal honestly hurts my soul. This is the best example of his media face – it’s empty. There’s nothing there. The smile is just a trained reaction to outward attention that he doesn’t know how to process or confront sincerely.

The third gif, where he’s just standing around before taking note of the feeling of (Yuuri’s) eyes on him, is a great neutral expression. It’s not his private face, but it’s also not his public one. It’s the best example of what Victor’s most natural neutral is.

The second Stammi Vicino gif showcases a break in his persona. Although I do believe that Aria is Victor’s first time trying to skate a program that is purely him and not all an act, he doesn’t have much experience portraying – or even really being – himself yet. So we can look at this moment as a break in his mask, even if that mask is Victor himself.

The gif of him thinking in front of the camera after being asked what his plans for his career are… He looks down and to the left. What this means, in regards to memory recall/imagination, is that he’s remembering a past event. We know after episode 10 that this past event is the banquet and so we know for a fact that he’s been thinking on Yuuri’s proposition to go to Japan and coach for over the past 3 months. Therefore, his decision to leave Russia wasn’t just on an impulse, but was a carefully planned choice.

Which brings us to the second last one, the moment of decision. I feel like this is the exact moment when Victor is pushed from “I’m not sure if this is what I want to do” to “this is what I want to do”. This is probably the best skating Victor (or anyone) has ever seen Yuuri do, and Victor can see both the potential in that (that Yuuri has the technical skills) and the underlying meaning of what Stammi as a program holds mirrored back to him (that Yuuri has the skills to express the emotional meaning to a program). Yuuri paints himself as a perfect opportunity for Victor in both the Life & Love respects, and Victor decides right here that he wants to take it.

And finally, the last gif. People tend to initially get one of two different reactions to this scene – they either laugh or they get embarrassed. But I’d like to take a second, once people can move past that reaction to point something out. When Yuuri barges into the onsen fully clothed, Victor has his neutral face on. But then he stands up and, as we see here, takes a second to steel himself before finally slipping on his friendly smile and pulling out words that he’s probably been rehearsing in his mind for quite a while (anywhere from just the plane ride to the last 3 months). But the split second where he takes a breath before delving in and making his first impression speaks to me because it shows us that this isn’t his natural first reaction. When we think of it that way, we can glean a lot about his true persona.

I didn’t originally plan on adding meta to this but there you are! Most of this information we can gather without having watched the other 11 episodes and I believe that having an appreciation of just how much we truly see of Victor in just this first episode is really important.

I hope you enjoyed and look forward to more! :) Happy 1 year YoI Anniversary!

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Bonus because I love his skating too much to not add more (and his jumps are beautiful):