happy 35th birthday!!!


praisethelourd:🎉🐶🎉 Happy 5th / 35th birthday to my #brotherfromanothermother #sunsouttonguesout


Happy Birthday, Jared ♥ July 19th, 1982
↳A very happy 35th birthday to this big ray of sunshine! A man of many talents, aspirations, and achievements. A role model, an inspiration, and a hero. A beautiful, intelligent, and sensitive man who gives the best hugs :’) He’s chosen to dedicate a very large part of himself to us as a fandom and as a family, and has created something impactful with a positive and priceless message. You’re worth more than you’ll ever realize, Jared. You are loved, you are enough, and you are a fucking fighter. Hope your day is as bright and beautiful as you! Lots of love to you, always xo


happy 35th birthday ♥ Harry Shum Jr. (April 28th, 1982) 

It’s strange that I am full Chinese and born in a Latin country, but I love the fact that I was immersed in that culture at birth while maintaining my Chinese roots. I think the cultures share a lot of similarities as far as family values and the love for flavor in their foods. Even though I don’t have it in my blood, I do consider myself somewhat Latin.”