happy 30th birthday thriller


“Ever since I was a little boy, I had dreamed of creating the biggest-selling record of all time. I remember going swimming as a child and making a wish before I jumped into the pool. I wanted to do something special. I’d stretch my arms out, as if I were sending my thoughts right up into space. I’d make my wish, then I’d dive into the water. I’d say to myself, ‘This is my dream. This is my wish’, every time before I’d dive into the water.

Making the Thriller album was very hard work, but it’s true that you only get out of something what you put into it. I’m a perfectionist: I’ll work until I drop. And I worked so hard on that album. I knew what we could do with that record and the success of Thriller transformed many of my dreams into reality. It did become the biggest-selling album of all time, and that fact appeared on the cover of The Guinness Book of World Records.” - Michael Jackson.

Happy 32nd Birthday, Thriller! November 30th, 1982.