happy 29th birthday!


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happy birthday, @starconfetti!


Just being able to play Iris West is putting me in a position to impact change. She is such an iconic character and so many people will know her and remember her as a black woman. Playing this role, I sometimes get blatant racism and the even more painful and complicated non-blatant racism. But I gladly put on my armour each day and take it. I have to be strong and continue to deliver, because this is bigger than me. It’s not just about this role, it’s about the landscape of film and TV. It’s about the young girls coming after me. I need to make sure I was strong enough to keep that door open for them. To show up at work and do my best, and change and impact as many minds as I can. I am deeply humbled every time someone reaches out to me to say, “I grew up reading The Flash, I cannot imagine anyone else playing Iris West after seeing you do it.”

Happy 29th birthday, Candice Kristina Patton! (born June 24, 1988)


Happy 29th Birthday to our Brightest Gem!~
Thank you for being so strong, especially throughout this past year! You’re so inspirational, kind, bright, and caring! Please don’t ever let anyone change you. We’re very proud of how far you went with your career and how much you have achieved at such a young age. Keep chasing your dreams and we’ll be there to support you! As my favorite quote from you says: “Everything will be good as long as you do your best. Because if you do, there will be no regrets.” Thank you for being you!~ #MyOnceinALifeTime