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Oh my god, they knocked him out right there, right after he won Sochi and Worlds gold!!! No mercy at all haha 😂 WOW I need more interviews like this XD

So in 2014 they did analyze that salchow a lot haha. Yuzu’s eternal enemy :))) Here’s another post of mine with more insight on his fight with the salchow in 13-14 season. But anyway, Yuzuru sounds very excited and genuinely happy in this video. I hope to see him happy like this one more time next year ;)


“It became a Princess. Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary on, April 21, 2007 at  2.16 at Rigshospitalet gave birth to a healthy daughter. Weight: 3350 gr., Length: 50 cm. Mother and child are doing well. His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik was present during the entire course at the hospital.”



“With Chris, well, absolutely his sense of humor and you know, of course his charms, his looks. Chris is a very, very thoughtful person. He’s very generous, and you know he’s a true gentleman.” - Princess Madeleine on what she sees in her husband.

Happy 43rd birthday to Christopher Paul O’Neill! (b. 06/27/1974)

dan as dodie songs throughout the years
  • 2009: would you be so kind
  • 2010: 6/10
  • 2011: when
  • 2012: intertwined
  • 2013: sick of losing soulmates
  • 2014: human
  • 2015: dear happy
  • 2016: i've been busy
  • 2017: my face

Some time ago, i noticed a bunch of old and new boy groups with a lot of talent that arent appreciated as they should be. In kpop industry, make success is hard, and sometimes very talented people lose their chance to show their talent, thats means a lot of new groups disband for being underrated.

So i take a moment to make a list of really good groups u guys really need to check:

- VICTON (Plan A Entertainment, 2016)

- Snuper (Widmay Entertainment, 2015)

- VAV (A team, 2015)

- ROMEO (CT Entertainment, 2015)

- Imfact (Star Empire Entertainment, 2016)

- MYNAME (H2 Media, 2011)

- MADTOWN (GNI Entertainment, 2014)

- MAP6 (DreamT Entertainment, 2015)

- KNK (YNB Entertainment, 2016)

- UP10TION (TOP Media, 2015)

- JJCC (Jackie Chan Group Korea, 2014)

- B.I.G (G.H Entertainment, 2014)

- Boys Republic (Happy Tribe Entertainment, 2013)

- Topp Dogg (HUNUS Entertainment, 2012)

- BIGFLO (HO Company, 2014)

- Cross Gene (Amuse Entertainment, 2012)

- HISTORY (LOEN, 2013)

- HIGH4 (N.A.P Entertainment, 2014)

- 24K (Choeun Entertainment, 2012)

- 100% (TOP Media, 2012)

I know theres a lot more but thats the groups i remember at the moment, i know new groups are amazing and wonderful, but please take a moment to listen just to one music of these amazing groups, youre not gonna be disappointed i swear. 

Im not saying um should not love the new groups, theyre amazing as well but open your rice guys, K-pop has a huge variety of groups, do you really want to be stuck in only three or four just because theyre the most famous or they belong to a big companie? Give love to the flops too, u guys have no ideia how its like to see their smiles when a big amount of fans notice them. 

Maybe i do a girl group ver as well. 

One Direction Headers.

“This isn’t the last for One Direction” - Zayn Malik (2010)

Happy 4th Anniversary One Direction !

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