happy 2002

Wishing my friend @theoriginalfamousfremus a very Happy Birthday today! This drabble sort of exploded, but I hope you enjoy it, dear! xoxo


He started coming in a few weeks ago, every time with a different girl. But, for some reason, the dates never seemed to last more than an hour before each woman left in a hurry, leaving the man alone and dejected at the bar.

Maybe he tells them he has a small dick, Johanna would snicker. But Katniss knew it had to be something else.

She tried not to pry or act too curious. Her only job was to pour the drinks, not play therapist. So after each of his dates ditched him, she would keep the conversation light, and soon enough she found that she actually enjoyed talking to him.

It was only after his fourth failed date (and third Jack & Coke) that he confessed the reason all of these women left – he has a prosthetic leg.

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