happy 1000 days!!!

happy 1000 days w got7!!!!! may aghases and got7 spend many many more days tgt in happiness as we did for the past 1000 days 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

cyberprincesstwilight-deactivat  asked:

Could I maybe suggest Church and Wash from eidolonally's angel au? Maybe please? There's armor but it's not as ridiculous as Halo armor is, and angel au is basically my life right now.

ooh the angel AU i’ve seen that , haven’t looked too much into it yet tho but

ooh wings!! angels!! armour! !!! yes

how do wings

Please, love me

Jungkook scenario

Genre: fluff/angst

Word count: 4227

You loved him but he was already in love with someone.

NB: I made this scenario for @my-yoongi-bear (hehe I love you) and it’s the first time that I wrote something like that (I think there is some angst but I’m not sure…). I’m a little bit anxious but I hope you’ll enjoy it and happy 1000 days with BTS ! 16.03.08 Sorry for the mistakes.

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confessionforanothertime  asked:

Maybe some shippy Wash/Grey? Congrats on the thousand followers :D

ah i’ve never thought of wash/grey before but it’s cuTE!! !!!

thanks!! :D