happy 1 year anniversary babies


Thank you guys for everything in the past 12 months. You guys mean the world to me and all other ARMYs~ We will support you all ‘till the end! You have worked very hard for us all and we are thankful. We love you. 널 너무 사랑합니다 방탄소년단 오빠들 <3 정말 감사해요~ 화이팅! <3

Preference #4 - You get into a fight

Louis : “Oh so now you’re telling me that you couldn’t come to your son’s first game because you were with the boys ?” you asked your husband ,your face getting red. “I forgot okay ? What am I supposed to tell you?” “You mean what are you supposed to tell him Louis. He was really upset … Plus, it’s you who had convinced him to play.” “I-I” “You what Louis?” you said angry “I FORGOT OKAY ? AND I’M SORRY I DIDN’T MEAN IT … I swear babe I’ll make it up to him … I’ll make it up to him and I’ll make it up to you too. Please baby , I’m sorry” Louis said coming towards you. “Daddy ?” Your son said entering the room with puffy eyes.Louis turned around to see your little boy. When he saw him he felt guilty. He knew he had caused this reaction. “Hey Buddy … You know , Daddy didn’t mean to miss your first game .” Louis said leaning in front of (Y/S/N). “It;s okay Daddy I forgive you” “No, no it’s not okay I shouldn’t have missed it and I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you I promise” Your husband respond “It’s okay Daddy , I love you” Your son said hugging Louis. After that ,you all played soccer in the backyard.

Niall : Recently Niall has been coming home slightly drunk and you didn’t liked it… It was 1 in the afternoon and your boyfriend was still asleep.You heard footsteps and you turn around to see him with the word “Hangover"  plastered on his forehead. "Hey ! You came home late last night.” You said. “Ohhh!!! Don’t start (Y/N)” “Whoa ! YOU don’t start. I didn’t say anything wrong so don't talk to me like that” You said getting angry. “I’ll talk to you the way I want” He said going in the kitchen. You followed him. “Drop it (Y/N) , I didn’t do anything so don’t act like a B*tch” “I AM ACTING LIKE A B*TCH? WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU? YOU COME HOME DRUNK , YOU’RE ALWAYS OUT , IT'S BEEN WHAT 2 WEEKS SINCE WE HAVEN’T HAD SOME TIME ALONE AND NOW, NOW YOUR CALLING ME A B*TCH. I just feel like you don’t love me anymore , and I feel like I don’t know you anymore and I’m scared of what could happen if it continued like this” You said tears in your eyes. “ No , no baby listen I’m sorry I didn’t mean that. Please please don’t cry.” He said coming towards you feeling guilty. “I-I just feel like you don’t love me anymore…” “Oh no baby please don’t say that , I love you , more than anything and I’m sorry I’ve just been stressed lately. With management and the paps they won’t stop coming after me and they’re following me everywhere … I’m sorry babe really sorry , please forgive me” You kissed him "I forgive you , just please talk to me next time.“ And this is how you passed the end of the day cuddling and watching movies with Niall. 

Zayn : "WHAT WAS THAT (Y/N) ?” Zayn asked one you entered your flat.“What was what?” “This at the club … you were all over Harry” he said angry. “No I was not !” you defend yourself. “Don’t you lie to me … You were all over him. You were drinking and dancing with him all night” “OH common Zayn don’t start , I was just having fun with Haz” “If I didn’t know I’d say he was your boyfriend … I mean you were dancing so, so…” “Sorry but I asked you first if you wanted to dance , but of course you can’t have fun with your girlfriend without worrying what others will think of you” You said cutting him off. “You know I don’t dance (Y/N) and if you are so unhappy with me, go ahead, go date Harry instead.” “Stop , please stop it … You know that Harry is like a brother to me and you know that I will never leave you so please can we just stop arguing ?” you sigh, tired of fighting with Zayn. “You’re right babe , I’m sorry , I shouldn’t have yel at you , I love you” he said hugging you. “I love you too Z” you said kissing him.

Liam : You and Liam don’t usually fight but this time you were pretty pissed at him. He had forgotten your 1 year anniversary. You woke up in the morning without Liam by your side … You thought he was downstairs making breakfast or maybe taking a shower but when you didn’t hear the water you forgot this idea. You made your way in the kitchen and there was no sight of your boyfriend. Not even a note on the kitchen counter… You texted him to know where he was… After 2 hours you still didn’t get a reply … “He can’t have forgot” you said to yourself while watching TV. It was now 9pm and you were pretty angry that he hasn’t returned your text and calls. Your heard the door knob and you turn your head to see Liam entered the flat … “Hey babe” he said giving you a tired smile… You ignored him and turned your face away from him. “Hey what’s wrong love ?” he asked coming towards you. You ignored him once again and went to your bedroom … You were tired and you didn’t want to fight. Liam followed you upstairs worried about you. He joined you on the bed and cuddled with you. When you pushed him away , he didn’t understand “Ok what’s wrong (Y/N) ? What did I do ?” “I don’t know Liam … You tell me. I am the who waited all day for you to wish me an happy 1 year anniversary” his eyes went wide “Oh My God Baby … Babe please forgive me , I didn’t mean to miss this day , I promise I’ll make it up to you , we still have 3 hours , I’m gonna take tomorrow’s day off and I’ll spoil you all day and all week just please baby forgive me I love you” you laugh a bit “It’s okay Li I just wanted you all to myself , I love you too … Happy 1 year babe” you smile as he kissed you and pushed you on the bed. “Happy 1 year anniversary to you too”


Harry : Today you were out with some friends shopping. When you came back home you dropped your bags in the living room and went to find Harry. He was in the kitchen , his laptop in front of him and he has a frown on his lips. “Hey Haz , what’s wrong?” You said going behind him , placing your arms around his rib cage and nuzzling your face in his neck. “Get away from me.” he said surprising you. “What - What did I do?” You questionned. “Look by yourself…” he said turning is laptop towards. There was pictures of you and a boy hugging today. “Harry , it’s not what you think , I can explain…” you said but he cut you off. “Drop it (Y/N) … I can’t believe you did that to me , I love you and you , you cheat on me…” “HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT TO ME !?! You chose to believe them instead of me ? And you hun? You think it’s not difficult to see pictures of you with other girls” “You know it’s not like that (Y/N). It has nothing to do with this right now” “Let me finish, In every freaking magazines there’s pictures and articles of you saying that you cheated on me , but you know what ? I don’t listen to them because I believe you .And I believe you because I love you Harry , and you should do the same because this boy is my COUSIN ” you said angry. “Wh-What ? Oh My God baby I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have skipped to conclusions. I believe you and I love you please forgive me.” He said rushing over you “It’s okay just talk to me next time … Please” you said hugging him.“I promise , I’m sorry I love you babe” “I love you too Haz”

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What exactly do y'all want her to say right now, currently being underage with millions of young fans that follow her?

“Happy 1 year anniversary, Baby! I love you so much, especially when your big strong arms are wrapped around me as we lay together covered in a light coat of perspiration as a result of our all night love making… Rt if you agree!😜”

Well I hate to burst your bubble but…


We are lucky we got anything at all. We are an extremely spoiled fandom.

“ it was never about adding to the list of women i’ve conquered, but ironically, in a twist of events creating a list of the one person my soul merged w/. A Year ago today i sat and spoke to your mom about how much effort and prayers i’ve been putting into making you mines; 365 days later here we are, in a healthy successful relationship, one that isn’t capable of giving me reasons to look else where for any form of entertainment, And so in all respects of the loyalty i have for you, believe me when i say i Love you , more than i thought i was capable of loving some one . i enjoy the little things you do to keep me in check , i thank you for the forgiveness you’ve blessed my past life with .
i appreciate every effort you’ve been making to push me forward. i thank you for making me happy on days i my self dont even know i’d have been off pitch . i thank you for rocking slowly with me through everything. i cherish the way your souls dances with and comforts mine . i thank you for painting my smiles on days when i’ve been lost in a sea of uncertainty, i respect every step you’ve taken out of your way to make me comfortable, and so i fascinate how it is that the minor thing about me are the major reason you love me. The fact that i’m blessed to be dating the same person i consider my bestfriend makes everything worth it.
Im ceasing this opportunity to first handedly thank you .. just for everything; the love you’ve blessed me w/, the changes you stimulate within my life, and the whole 9 yards. Truth is, if a 10000 Years into our relationship i was asked what i regret about us , well then my only regret would be ignoring the signs and not dating earlier, just so i would have something worth the struggle and not just waste my time with a few people in the past.
i open mindedly assure you that me walking away from you and what we have is the equivalent of me waging war against my self, and as much as i tell you, i really do believe that are souls, minds and energies are intertwined with each other.. ; so Forget anyone who says you’ve changed, because i for one enjoy the Beast You’ve Become baby.”
Happy 1 Year Anniversary Babe :’)