happy 1 year anniversary!

((well, first of all, i want to say, happy first anniversary to this blog! it started exactly 1 year ago today, on february 24th, 2016

and second of all, i want to say that learning to uv unwrap/texture is proving to be a lot more difficult than i thought it would be (and i haven’t even began rigging), so the final model might not come out until tomorrow, or possibly even the 26th if i still can’t figure this all out tomorrow either

i really wanted to get this out today, as a means of celebrating, but unfortunately i started on it too late and didn’t give myself enough time to finish it :(

i’m sorry about that, but i’m gonna try and finish it as quickly as possible to get it out as soon as i can))



This is a video I made to congratulate the mods and all our followers for a great year. GET READY TO GET FUCKED

Feb 13. Happy 1 Year Anniversary, Zombietale.


unforgettable barça matches: november 21, 2015

with half an hour to go, leo messi ran on, eight weeks after tearing a ligament in his knee, but this was no rescue mission. instead, he came to take part in and enjoy a destruction that had been carried out in his absence. it was already 3-0 to barcelona against real madrid, with goals from luis suárez, neymar and andrés iniesta. soon afterwards, messi helped create a fourth for suárez, leaving this stadium whistling their team and protesting against the president. there are tactical people who will be able to break down the nuts and bolts of what happened at the bernabeu. they are a lot smarter than those of us who just say that a team went to work, did what it does and pulled off an extravagant result. these essentials make what happened today no less a masterpiece, even if it was one forged in hard work and fighting as much as elegant brushstrokes.


Post reveal cuteness. 

Let’s be real, they’re so going to be all over each other.