Hannigram Regency AU:  Part 1[ Part 2 soon]

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Will’s aging father decides it is time to train Will to be his replacement as Hannibal’s Page of Stairbacks (basically the guy who makes everything for the King). Everything becomes complicated when Hannibal decides to start favoring young Will more and more and begins to consider him a friend. [Getting invited to one of the King’s special dinner parties is a huge deal]. He doesn’t get to see Will as often as he’d like because of his training, so he decides to quicken Will’s father’s illness, letting Will believe his father died of natural causes.  Isolating him from everyone else and finally becoming the only stable thing in his life. And yeah, Hannibal is still a cannibal, 

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Directed by the folks behind Lil Jon’s genital-possessed “Turn Down For What” music video, the film, it’s probably no surprise to hear, opens with Paul Dano literally riding a violently farting corpse to shore like a jet ski – a scene that required the production team to construct a prosthetic mold of Radcliffe’s bare ass and record their own farts to use in post.

As described by Variety, the whole experience is a cross between Castaway and Weekend At Bernie’s… if Bernie had a posthumous erection that was then used as a makeshift compass. No, really – that’s something that happens in this movie … along with the hero drinking buckets of water puked by a corpse and an underwater kissing scene between Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe. Sign me the fuck up. By all accounts, this film looks so tongue-eatingly crazy that even the behind-the-scenes photos look like FBI surveillance of a cult’s final day.

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Happy Birthday, Natalie Dormer! (Feb. 11th, 1982)
There was no plan B. There can’t be. It was always, “this is who I am. I’m an actor.” I want to tell stories. I’m obsessed with exploring the human condition. The way humans navigate what it is to exist and facing mortality is we tell stories. Because life’s hard, you know? Look at the news; the world is unjust. It’s my way of coping with it.

Where I live (Mazatlan, Mexico) there is a thing called “Bad Mood Riddance” (not sure if it also happens somewhere else, I just heard of it this year) we do every year during carnival season. People basically burn a figure that is meant to represent malicious vibes and obviously bad mood, so guess what was burned this year… Donald Trump

GUYYYYYS! Guess what I am doing tomorrow?!
Getting on a plane and seeing my boyfriend! We had no idea we would be seeing each other again so soon. It was such short notice but he has a long weekend and asked me if I wanted to come see Colorado and spend vday weekend with him! I still can’t believe it! lol. I’ve never been on an airplane in my life nor have I ever really been out of state so I am beyond EXCITED! Best valentines present I could ever ask for 😍


James Jirat Patradoon

A neon dystopic wonderland, where the violence and greed you fear mate with the poetry and beauty you worship—together, they form the crackling figurative futurist cool that saturates James Jirat Patradoon’s works, sugary color and technology of tomorrow annealed with the anxieties of today. The surreality of it, the brutality, the suspended loveliness—it feels a bit like a hyper-luminous view not into some other reality, but into the world outside our windows.