I love that we have… @honxrambe, the somewhat sensible until it’s four in the morning one, @seapruncs, the never sensible one who frequently starts fights amongst ourselves (OOOH CALLOUT), @aequa, the always sensible one… who frequently has to tell us to stop fighting amongst ourselves, and me… the one who wants to be insensible but fails miserably because I’m ASLEEP AT 4AM WHEN EMILY AN DMUARENKEFJKLSELFJSLKDF ARE FREAKING OUT OVER A DEAD GORILLA!!!! AS:FAS:JIFD:O alpoidejhf;ajwe;fj awjef


I’m sorry this happpened Tori, I thought stephan was a nice guy, but behind close doors he wasnt, keep strong and if he’s that abusive stay well clear of him, it’s weird he thinks you guys can patch it through even tho he did this, I support you Tori, and all I’ve seen is a lovely girl nothing less.

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how was nathan's heart crushed the month before? what happpened??

my sweet angel nathan ghar-jun adrian was in a long term relationship and confirmed it late june/early july but earlier this month sadly confirmed he was single:( but anyway his twitter DMs are open so everyone go give him some love (HE DESERVES IT)

do you ever see things and think….this is right…this is how things are supposed to be. and this is where I am going and what I’m trying to become. 

idk if this makes sense but it’s happpening to me on a minor scale, all the time…every instant, when I see photos or art of a certain type of feeling 

I’m just very aware that I’m in the process of going somewhere and becoming someone and creating my own mental space and external space and that everything I see will influence that minutely 

Since I’ve moved to Nashville, I haven’t been doing what I want career wise because it’s been difficult. I feel like I finally have a chance to get back into a career job. With my degree. I’m busting my ass to make it happpen. I feel like I am not gonna stop till it happens. I finally have that dedication and motivation. I just want my life back. I’ve been in this depressed state for the past year and it’s time to snap out of it and get to living.