The Classic FunHouse Mirrors have brought a smile to carnival goers faces for hundreds of years. In the 1600’s Peter Stuyvesant visited the Palace of Versailles, and was inspired to built the first House of Mirrors. The House of Mirrors was built in New Amsterdam in 1651, and introduced the world to the House of Mirrors. Since then, the House of mirrors has been incorporated into a carnival ‘ride’ as such, and is a highlight for carnival goers. 

In my experience in observing peoples response when they see themselves in a mirror/reflection, I have found that the majority of the people, enjoy looking at themselves. However, when people see their reflections in a Carnival mirror, and they see a warped, some what cartoonised version of themselves, You see the people become instantaneously happy and laughing. 

So, I have come to the conclusion that, if people seeing themselves in warped mirrors brings joy and happiness into their lives, then if these mirrors are implemented into the City of Fremantle, then inevitably, happiness will be injected into the city, and people will find it more memorable, and therefor, more likely to return.