Muse’s new song Unsustainable from their new album  The 2nd law

Music Players II

Okay someone messaged me about how to get one to work but I accidently messed it up :S Basically go to this link http://billymusicplayer.tumblr.com/ and follow the steps and you’ll get a generated code at the end. Copy this code then go to tumblr and customize your theme. Click customize HTML and scroll down to near the bottom and look for <body>. Click one line above that then paste in the code then press enter. Update appearence and save it all and then your done. when you close customization you’ll see the music player in the top right of your screen and it’ll say buffering for the first time. Just close the blog and re-open it and music will play :) Enjoy!

I wrote this today


There’s only one I care for, that only one is you, I’d give my body, heart and soul, for a life with you.

I know that you’ve been hurt before, And that you’re locked up tight, But open your soul to me, And Iwill make it right.

There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do, For a life right next to you, If I would only have that chance, To snap out of my enlonged trance.

These words are hard to say, For one that is not true, But I for one don’t like that, I swear that I love you.

I swear tat I will stick by you, Through good, or bad or worse, And that from this point on, I go without remorse.

My heart holds what my hand cannot, My love for you is like a knot, It twists and turns in soo many ways, And it will till’ the end of days.