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i'm very happy your blog exists. i feel there is so much hate for Hanzo and he is my favourite male character in Overwatch. i love his design and story, and feel it's such a shame he's (and players who enjoy using him) always the butt of the joke. memes are great, sure, but i wish more people appreciated the elder Shimada. ; n ;

I want my blog’s legacy to be loving Hanzo when all is said and done so ty, dear

and BIG MOOD!!

If you take away all the fandom shit, Hanzo as a whole is a great, complex character that has wonderful potential and Michael Chu finally admitted in wanting to expand on him. He’s totally undeserving for the hate that he gets both game play and lore wise, like?? People hate you for playing him, people hate him because of ships, PEOPLE HATE HIM BECAUSE HE ALMOST KILLED GENJI, LIKE DID WE WATCH THE SAME SHORT???? 

lmao I’m afraid of people hating him getting across to Blizzard and they’re like, well, guess we won’t do much with him if people don’t like him… I can respect someone’s decision to not like something obviously, but Hanners gets too much flak for stupid™ shit

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Hi question you know after Sara hugs Michael and then says I can't, what do you think she meant by that??? I've watched the seen over and over again and still can't figure out what she can't ? What do you think? Oh and I love your blog, so happy that I'm not alone in my obsession with prison break. I don't even want to think about what I'll do after this finishes....

you know, i’ve thought about that a lot. because i wondered too, you could interpret it any number of ways. it actually reminded me a lot of the key, when after he kissed her and then asked her to wait for him, she responded the same way. and in that scene, i always interpreted that to be her saying she can’t be with him while he’s a prisoner… they can’t have a relationship while he’s still in prison. because she says “until then… i can’t.” so, until he’s free, they can’t do anything. 

but i think this was different. here, i think she was saying “i can’t” because she can’t say goodbye to him again, can’t leave him again. she’s already done it once, and it’s killing her to have to do it again, even though she has to.

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Can I just glomp you for everything this blog has done for me? I mean, I just had the worst week of my life and honestly, your posts had me feeling good enough to not break down and cry. It was stressful and your blog is one of the main reasons I could face the day. So... Yeah. Thank you. Honestly I still feel like ranting about it, but more than anything I just wanted you to know that your blog really cheered me up, so you have my gratitude for being so awesome ヽ(≧▽≦)八(o^ ^o)ノ

You are so cute omg!! Thank you anon, I’m so happy my blog is able to help you. 💕

Ey @glitterlotus! i made a fanart!

It’s probably looking shizzy. but i hope it’s ok for you. XD

It’s me first time using Paint Tool SAI XD

Aaaaaanndd using with a mouse is hard but not THAT bad.

I got messed up with the layers XD I got dizzy with the layers XD

And the shadiiinggggg it’s so hard XDDD

The shorts……it looks like they are ripped HAHAHA SRRY

Well i guess that’ll improve in no time i guess. Gotta watch more of some tutorials HIHI. 

(I’m once again inspired by yoiur amazing Arts HIHI XD)

Happy Blogging!!! 


I am so grateful for all the Tumblr love in follows, 💛’s, re-blogs and kind comments! Thank you! Especially the amazing poetry support sites who without your re-blogs I would be invisible. @writerscreed
@purple-with-a-dash-of-pink @twcpoetry @poeticstories
Wishing you all a happy and peaceful day

Time to say thank you (again).

My blog now has 5000 followers 😱 Arriving home at 9pm after a long 13 hour day at the office to find that out has made my day 😊👍I know there’s a fair few dead blogs and the usual porn blogs among those but still it made me happy. I started my blog basically as a dumping place for what’s in my head and I’m humbled that do many have taken a look. I’m grateful to those who have commented on a post or re-blogged something.

Most of all though I’m glad that some have picked up a post and continued it and others who have messaged me when something I’ve written stirred their emotions.

Thank you all.