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it makes me really happy to see a blog like yours, where it seems like such a positive environment :) people always seem happy and almost everything you post/reblog (art or not) makes me smile. you have almost a magical air about this blog, like something has charmed it <3

AW this is such a cute description……..thank you so much I’m so glad this blog gives you those feelings!! <3 <3

thanks to everyone who entered!! honestly, it was wayy too hard to choose only one winner + runner up jhfkjshf ilyall!! and thanks for the milestone yet again!  I can’t wait to reach the next ones with you guys!! also i’m sorry i got rid of the flannel category, but there weren’t enough truly single fandom blogs entered! happy fallll~ 🍁💛

 - Sweater Weather: best url

          - winner: @fleurrdelacour. runner up: @softlumos.

 - Pumpkin Spice: best desktop theme

          - winner: @nviles. runner up: @hermionegranget.

 - Cinnamon: best mobile theme

         - winner: @breebarrcw. runner up: @gisabarrow.

 - Fall Foliage: best icon

         - winner: @deceitofstars. runner up: @ghostalina.

 - Vanilla: best original edits

         - winner: @gisabarrow. runner up: @fleurrdelacour.

 - Scented Candles: most organized

         - winner: @theghostofjily. runner up: @jilyinlove.

 - Pecan Pies: best up and coming

         - winner: @deceitofstars. runner up: @totallyalivejily.

 - Soft Blankets: friendliest blogger

         - winner@ghaafas. runner up: @queeniriscygnet.

 - Pumpkin Picking: my multifandom blog faves

        - winner: @ghostalina. runner up: @ghostlywylan.

Congratulations to the winners!! I’ll be adding you to my updates tab shortly! Please message me to claim your prizes, which you can remind yourself of here. Thanks again for entering, and I’m sorry to those who didn’t win!! <3 have a nice halloween everyone!!

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Heyoh! Just wanted to say, I'm so happy I found your blog because I fucking LOVE your fahc drawings – the style, the expressions, the little scenarios you make up – ugh, just so. Damn. GOOD!! Always looking forward to your new posts and always getting so excited when they appear on my dash! <3

TH….THANK YOU…. i’ve been really enjoying drawing fahc and whatnot so i’m glad people have been liking it…! it gets me my fix for absurd comedy mixed with grit and pain lol 

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Im happy that you became a multifandom blog because i love your blog and now I have more content to love. Also who care what others think as long as you are proud and happy with your blog xoxoxo♥

Thank you love!
I know I just like to post things people will enjoy

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Hi, I want to start by saying that I love your blog and that you're my favorite ji/kook blog. This is for the anon that rec'ed you 'time slip', *clears throat* OH MY FUckInG GOd, Anon I Would Die for you. I just read it and HoLy ShIT, it quickly became top 5 favorite Ji/kook fics. It's literally everything I wanted of a canon compliant fic, I love everything about it. Coincidentally, I was thinking about how pre-debut BTS would react to how far they've come earlier today. Thanks anon.

thank you!! i’m happy you like my blog!! and okay you’ve both basically convinced me to start this fic hahaha

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HEY THERE 💕 I see you ship Klance, that's pretty clear, but what's your opinion about Sheith tho? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Also, what's your BTS otp? Mine is Yoonseok, but since we share the same bias I thought our otp could be the same as well, so I had to ask 🌚 (btw I'm really glad i found your amazing blog and all the good stuff that's in it, i love Voltron, i love BTS, i love Kim Taehyung and i love you)

I actually really love Sheith like they have such an amazing kinship and bond, and kind of like BTS they’re closer than family you know? As for my BTS otp, it’s definitely got to be Yoonmin but I love Sope too because Hoseok gives Yoongi so much energy and it’s really cute. And I’m really happy you love my blog, I feel like I say the same thing a lot, but it actually makes me feel so good that people like my posts, considering I literally came on here with only two followers and nothing on my dash lool :D

“Freed in the Rain” - Miraculous Ladybug Soulmates AU Fanfic

Guys, I wrote my very first solo ML fanfic!  I usually only do the drawings for fanfic collaborations but this time I wanted to try doing both!  I wrote it for @chocoluckchipz‘s birthday!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LUCKY!!!  @maerynn-blog, @kryallaorchid, @midnightstarlightwrites and myself wrote oneshots all with a Soulmates AU theme.  Here it is on Ao3 (I wrote Chapter 4)  

Author’s Notes:  Everyone knew that if you had a soulmate, you would know them by the first time you touched.  Skin-to-skin contact would show you all of your soulmate’s memories, and would result in an immediate bond and passionate fidelity.

“I’ve never been to school before.  I’ve never had friends. It’s all sort of new to me.”  Adrien shrugged sheepishly and turned back towards Marinette.

He smiled, holding his umbrella out to her.

An olive branch, she realized. An invitation to start over.  Marinette thought back of how quickly and harshly she misjudged him; he was but another victim of her tendency to act first and act questions later.

He hadn’t deserved such treatment and here he was, taking the initiative to make things right. Her stomach fluttered, and had she not been so tongue-tied she would have apologized, but nothing came out.

A crash of thunder brought her back from her reverie and she blinked.

She hesitantly lifted her hand, wavered for a moment, then their hands brushed together as the umbrella was exchanged.

Thousands of words and feelings came rushing towards them at once, so sudden and overwhelming that they fell helpless to its current, a tumultuous river of events and places. They could not tear their eyes away from each other, the realization of what was occurring rooting them to the spot, otherwise they might have collapsed right then and there from the shock.

The world ceased to be, and all that existed was a boy and a girl.  A cacophony of voices and emotions surrounded them, unheard to anyone else, accompanied by the quiet spattering of early autumn rain.

Adrien felt warmth. The smell of butter and sugar, the taste of hot chocolate and cinnamon. Lingering embraces, playful pats on the head, a mother’s love and comfort. Strong arms and tight hugs, excited hollers, mashing buttons on videogame controllers. A homey, comfortable bedroom, a haven from the world. Pinpricks on fingertips, the act of plunging into an artistic frenzy, and the satisfaction from when a creation turned out just right. Tripping, slipping, stumbling here and there, always seeming to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Numerous insecurities, the bullying and mocking from a sneering face he knew very well. Overwhelming self doubt as a certain pair of earrings was hidden away in a drawer. Gentle hands on her shoulders, encouraging words, and a reassuring smile from a black clad teammate. The surge of newfound confidence as she purified corruption and evil in the form of a black butterfly.

Marinette felt cold. Countless faceless figures staring, prodding, scrutinizing, empty praises, blinding flashes and camera shutters. A stunning woman with golden hair and emerald eyes, once a source of comfort, gone. The constant feeling of loneliness, abandonment and despair. The infrequent acknowledgement from the one man he wanted to please the most. His large, empty bedroom, a glass prison meticulously outfitted just for him and his boundless solitude. The feeling of the crisp air in his lungs and the burning in his legs from the very first time he sprinted and jumped across Parisian rooftops to see how fast he could go. The thrill of watching the girl in red who was meant to be his other half, brilliant and beautiful, rescuing his childhood friend from certain death, formulating ingenious strategies, and defeating a magical giant made of stone.  Sheer pride at seeing her succeed against her fears and become not just a hero, but a symbol of goodness. The love brimming within his heart, spilling over into what used to be emptiness. How can such a broken heart still house such great love and kindness?  Her eyesight became blurred by tears, unbidden and unstoppable.

It lasted merely an instant but it felt like a lifetime, and the teens pulled away from each other as if they’d been shocked by electricity.   Neither made a move but continued to stare, the tears kept flowing, and Adrien choked back a sob.  

They had found each other.  Partners, yes, but also something more.  

The light to his darkness.

The calm to her chaos.

Something rare and wonderful had been gifted to them and fate had allowed them to meet and become complete.  

Marinette jolted forward, wrapping her arms around Adrien’s waist as tightly as she was able, wanting to offer whatever solace she could, the comfort and love he so desperately needed, fiercely determined to try to make up for all those years of neglect and loneliness.

He clung to her as if she would disappear at any moment, almost convinced that this was too good to be true, too wonderful, too miraculous.

Feelings of protectiveness and devotion consumed him, not understanding how he could harbor such intense love for someone he didn’t know.  But he did know her, and she knew him.

More than anyone else in the world ever did.

The umbrella lay forgotten on the pavement as the two teens embraced in the rain, not noticing or caring that they were getting drenched, for the love that was shared between them was more than enough to keep them warm.