happiness used to be easy

So theres still a couple of hours to go, but I thaught I´d wish you all a happy new year!! Yaaay!

Thank you for sticking with me this far and for all the lovely messages and support I`ve recieved from you!  I´ve met so many wonderful and kind people here, I feel very lucky! I wish you all the best in 2016!!


hi im bagel and my favourite trope is “everybody loves and supports eridan”

((anyways happy eridan day!!!!))


“I’m willing to wait for it…”

@pillow-mountains’s birthday gift (a graphic collaboration by @captainsamell and @smoakqueenz)

Ya Allah help us!
Ya Allah solve our problems!
Ya Allah accept our prayers!
Ya Allah bring happiness in our life!
Ya Allah make it easy for us!


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Can u imagine a how to train ur dragon au with Fishlegs Hunk, Astrid Keith, and Hiccup Lance? Like instead of hiccup being super awkward, Lance makes up for insecurities by flirting and everyone is pretty much Done™.


-After starting dragon training and meeting a Night Fury that he names Blue because of the way it glows, Lance hides all his fuck ups in training behind misguided pick-up lines he shoots at either the dragons or Keith. “How did you keep it from attacking!?” “I don’t know, guess I just have a magic touch *waggles his eyebrows at Keith and Keith scoffs before he stomps off*

-Lance being inventive and curious, his modifications to Blue’s tail allowing him to fly for short distances by himself, but he needs Lance for long distances

-Lance being super cautious of Blue’s and gaining his trust very slowly much like Hiccup does in the series, his bond with Blue being strong very fast, but his relationship with his friends and family are getting strained

-Lance being secretive while Hunk timidly tries to find out what’s going on, why does his friend keep disappearing into the woods? Is Lance okay? Where’d he go? Keith telling him to shove off every time and forget about Lance

- Keith: “Is this a game to you!?” Lance: “No, but we could play a game together hehe *awkward wink and finger guns*”

-Then Keith catches Lance with Blue and in the moment Lance just has Blue pick him up, trying his hardest to explain. This is where Keith diverges from Astrid, he would find the flying immediately invigorating and it would excite him as something he could master, holding onto Lance tightly and seeing why Lance was doing everything he was doing 

-Keith and Lance working together to explain the dragons and Hunk’s just gung-ho “totally was not obsessed with dragons anyway haha… okay I love them so much riding them sounds so fuckin’ cool!!!”

-Keith making an incredibly strong bond with a grumpy, red Deadly Nadder that hates everyone but him. Eventually, Lance gets on its good side too, mostly by feeding it fish, but now it demands a fish from him every time he sees him

-Keith and Lance being the village power couple with their dragons always in tow

-Lance struggling with the responsibility of eventually being chief while Keith becomes the best dragon rider known in the village. They’re both enthralled by their upcoming positions, Keith in defence for the village and Lance in running it, but they are also so terrified, how does being an adult work? 

I’m going to stop myself here, because I could go on forever, but this is long already. If anyone wants more just ask! 
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“(Not a) Daring Woman” Jungkook/You

sorry this took so long, and it ended up being pretty short >.< (it was a case of ‘this is as good as it’s gonna get’ and the fact that Daring Woman kinda bummed me out, so don’t be looking for a happy ending..sorry anon lol)

Being with Jungkook, used to be easy, like breathing. Now it’s like someone shoved a brick down your throat and is waiting for the same results.

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I do not remember quite a lot
but there was one time
when everything seemed easy;
happiness suited us like
cinderella’s shoe did
and laying on the hot sand
holding each other’s sweaty hands
playing like three year olds
to find what the cloud’s shape
seemed to be like,
he said with his rusty-laying-down voice,
that one cloud looked like a star
as he pointed it.
He claimed
that it was as if the sky
wanted the day to be night.
—  kch

I’m kind of sad because there’s really nothing special about me. I want to be notice but I can’t really do anything I don’t really have a talent. I can kind of draw and write a little bit. But I guess that’s the world, really a lot of people are born without Talent. Their parents tell them to go to college and find themselves. But even then they don’t have a talent and they would be better off not even going to University. I guess we’re all searching for purpose something that we’re good at, something that makes us happy. Religious people take the easy way out they just decide to put their faith in a deity. But in reality it’s far more difficult to find our purpose. I guess we just have to keep searching.

why do antis comment on larry posts? why are antis so rude without a reason? why do they attack us on a regular basis (I could publish some screenshots here that are disturbing) and why don’t they just let us live and believe in what we want? I really don’t get it. hey, if you’re against larries - okay, be happy with your choice but leave us alone. it’s easy and it doesn’t hurt people.