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[FULL] 170216 Key’ IG Live

- Key singing Lady Gaga’s Million Reasons, Adele’s Make Me Feel My Love, and a Japanese song
- Key trying to speak French, Italian and Spanish
- Key said that we shawols makes him happy T.T
- When fans asked what he did at valentine’s day, he said, “Work, HONEY. Work” xD

Grantaire rhymes with “anniversaire”

So it is (was) @deboracabral‘s birthday, so here is a little piece about Enjolras and Grantaire celebrating Grantaire’s birthday! (Featuring Enjolras being a Good Boyfriend™)

Grantaire shuffled slightly, sleepy noises companying his quest for the cold spot of the pillow. Even with his eyes closed, he knew the sun was already up, but he couldn’t bring himself to acknowledge it just yet. Just one minute. Just one hour.

Something touched his cheek, pressing against it ever so gently. Grantaire’s eyes fluttered open, stuggling against the light.

“Joyeux anniversaire,” a familiar voice sang softly. Grantaire could feel a warm little breeze blowing againt his ear. “Joyeux anniversaire. Joyeux anniversaire, Grantaire. Joyeux anniversaire.”

His vision was blurry, but he could still make out the outline of a face surrounded by a golden halo of hair. A dopey smile lazily stretched his lips. Above him, Enjolras smiled as well.

“I would have slept in a suit, if I had known,” Grantaire said, his voice made somewhat raspy with sleep.

Slowly, his eyes adjusted to the light, lifting up the blurry veil hanging in front of him. Enjolras was still in his pajamas, looking down at him with a bright smile. Many strands of hair had escaped his ponytail during the night and now flowed freely on his shoulders, sticking out in every direction. They shone in the sunlight like a thousand golden threads.

“How are you feeling?”

“A quarter of a century old,” Grantaire yawned, settling comfortably against the pillows.

“I can’t relate,” Enjolras teased.

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I can not even stress how IMPORTANT this is. 

Ya’ll know how weak I am for TRB Jimin…

and this brown hair has been my 11:11 wish since they first dyed his hair.

By the time they get to manila, his hair’s gonna be longer & styled in that sexy boyfriend look.

Is…my wish to finally see TRB Jimin gonna come true?
(yessss i know it’s a different era…shush…i’m having a moment here.)

My heart is srsly beating so fast rn.


(photo via JiminRight)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY @ashwolfcub!!!!!!!!

Thanks for always being so sweet and supportive, you’re always such a great motivation to keep going and to stay DETERMINED! I hope you have had the best of days, else imma flip some sh*t until it happens!!! <33

(Also everyone else - MASSIVE PROMO! THEY’VE GOT SUCH A POSITIVE ACCOUNT, check them out asap! :3)

[171003] Fan Accounts of DなSHOW Vol. 1 in Kobe

Daesung’s “Diraito 2” to be released digitally on October 12th. 3 cover songs and 1 original song composed w/ Mizuno-san (composer of VENUS). I forgot to add “album” 😅. He gave us a snippet of the original song but singing in a funny and brief way 😂 He said it’s an upbeat fun song! Apparently there’s some other piece of news but Daesung asked the staff & then he said he can’t tell us yet cuz the company will scold him 😅

Daesung said that he sleeps w/o a pillow under his head but he hugs one between his arms & legs. He’s always searching for a good hug pillow

To the question ‘what is the most important thing for you after family’ Daesung said the members, but they’re not number 2 but number 1.5 😭💕 Then Daesung said that we (the fans) would be number 1.7 😩❤️

Another question was “When did you feel lucky recently?” and Daesung replied that he considers himself a lucky person in general. Daesung then added: “I was lucky to become a member of BIGBANG, also lucky to be able to have a solo career too… I was lucky to be born!”

Daesung said that he’s expecting a car as 3rd gift for winning 15 times at DiraDiraD 😂 He said he has a driver’s license but no car or bike.  The 1st gift after 5 wins was a gourmet tour in Hokkaido, the 2nd after 10 wins a lifelong supply of his fave edamame, so next is a car? 🙄🤣💦

© susifg ( 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 )

At the end of the event Daesung sang his dramatic variation of “koi koi koi kokoro” (Gwisun) while doing the Micheal Jackson hip thrust 🤣

There was a little boy (maybe 6?) at send off today, he started crying quietly after saying something to Daesung so Daesung hugged his head to his chest to comfort him. He stayed in front lf the boy quite long, talking to him. So sweet!

When Daesung announced the release of his new album he started with “I have one more announcement. I will… retire from the industry..!” 🙄🤣 The sentence structure in Japanese is different so he continued smoothly “…I don’t want to retire which is why I work even harder!” So that was Dae’s introduction to announcing his new mini album. He said he worked on it during his tour, despite the packed schedule 😮👏👏🙏

Daesung said today he’s allergic to cats and dogs but I’m not so sure if it wasn’t just an excuse for why he’s scared of animals 🤔🤣 It was his reply to a fan’s question whether he likes cats better or dogs better (he made her ask a question bc she arrived late)

© mshinju ( 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 )

To the question what kind of different life he’d wanna live if he was reborn, Daesung replied he doesn’t wanna be reborn bc he’s so happy now.  Then he said in case he was born again and the whole world was different from now, he’d want tobe the one to invent the iPhone.  He’d call it Peach (because he likes peaches) instead of apple 🤣 then he started calling it momo (peach) phone instead of iPhone.  Also he’d write BIGBANG’s hit songs. A fan made the money gesture with a questioning face so Daesung said “no, I don’t care much for money!” “I just want to bring you all the good things faster!” (© mshinju) Then he added that he’d distribute BIGBANG’s songs created by him FOR FREE! and would start charging only after the first month (© susifg)


151231 Gayo Daejun

I love so much this panel of them.
Actually I couldn’t sleep last night I was so desperate.
When the chapter ends very exciting, Ishida sensei makes us wait two more weeks….well done T.T

However I loveeeed this chapter so much that it hurts.

PD:I was reading about touka in this chapter, some haters saying things very trash, insulting her…..always looking for something bad on her. Makes me angry I will try to ignore them…None are going to take away how happy I am (also worried, please Kaneki and Touka ,,, ruuunnnn !!!)