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It is only natural to be happy. To feel as if the world is ok, soak up the sun on your skin and enjoy all of the little things. On occasion, you may struggle with this, you may find sadness at your doorstep and anxiety lurking in the corners, this is not who you are. You were designed to live in the greatness that is this world, do not fight your joy.

the sun is out today by Amy Kennedy


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Choose to be happy. Choose to see things positively. Every decision we make is one we cannot get back, so choose wisely. Life truly is what you make of it.
—  @thepowerwithin | More on Instagram!

I remember how it was, to feel like I’m alone and odd and will never find anyone.
I remember the loneliness, I remember the steely way I carried myself to convince everyone, including myself, that I don’t need or want anyone.
And I remember the bone deep sadness of feeling like I’m an extra in this world. A leftover that was forgotten to add their other half to.

The good news is though - it passes. And even the odd and lost ones find someone to call theirs.

—  Diary Of A Heartbreak
True love really exists. It may not be with the person you envisioned in your head. It may not come at the time you want it. It may not feel the way you think it should. But it does exist. When it comes, you’ll know it. You won’t be able to deny it, control it, explain it or escape it. It’ll consume your thoughts, it will consume you. It’ll make your heart beat differently. Love will alter your breathing, even the way you smile. True love is realistic, sweet and overall beautiful. So just because someone that wasn’t for you, hurt you, doesn’t mean that love isn’t waiting for you.
—  Treka L. House


Do you know why you are here? 

Do you ever wonder, what the point to life is at all… you just eat, sleep, talk, and waste time until what, your life is gone? 

I am a Christian, I find purpose in loving, encouraging, guiding, and giving assurance to others that this life has great things coming, and that there is much more than just surviving until death, but really living with a purpose, reason, and REAL love. I have fun, and laugh and enjoy my time… but that is not what my life is about, that is not what life’s about, if it was there would not be morals, there would not be a heart crying out for something more than what… you have now. Something Real. 

Don’t survive to just be here, and try to have fun…

Live with a purpose, love and have the greatest, lasting joy that can ever be in a person. 

If you have a question, if you ever, ever, want someone to talk to, not just about Christianity, but maybe the world is a bit much and you need a friend…someone who will listen and love you for who you are. I am here, I will be here for you. And… yes… even you. Don’t give up hope, K?

Even if you don’t care to much for my style, Christians, it would help so much to reblog this, and share it, someone somewhere may need it. Thank you ~God Bless.

Contradicting your labels.

I push forward, in my world of unjust.
I lay dormant in a sea of mistrust.

My sea is blackened, with stones and options.
It run’s deep with lie’s, hate and convictions.
Telling me to conform in fear-full intentions.
Desperately becoming one of its minions.

Can’t I just be, who I am?
Can I just speak, with heart and wit?
Seem’s not, every time I do, im shunned with spit.
I guess it’s because fear has its limit.

Thay run from truth, that I honestly speak.
Without an agenda or ego to reak.
Just look beneath, take a peek.
Maybe you will see, something new and neat.
But with fear and hate, they label their meek.
Making sure everyone conforms like sheep.
because truth is scary it knocks their feet, their label, their seat.
Contradicting their ego, establishing the weak.

I’m sick of moving, like dust to a fan.
Today I just don’t give a damn Because the one that defines me, is thy shepherds lamp.
As I walk among the dead and damned.
I will be me!, LOVE as much as I can Because in the end, I am who I am!
A pure, strong, loving man.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @amazingphil!