happiness is like a butterfly

Ughhh I have a really huge crush on this musician who lives literally across the world from me and is probably almost 10yrs older than me but I’ve liked him for a looooonggg ass time and we’ve been talking via comments and slightly flirting (I hope?) recently and it just makes me so happy and full of butterflies every time 😻😻😻 his music is AMAZING too like they’re one of my favorite modern industrial/bands and I love them

I don’t know if it will ever actually go anywhere but his band is releasing a new album soon and I know he wants to come to the states, so hopefully a US tour is something they’re considering. I would be absolutely ecstatic to hang with him IRL, I’d just really have to control myself lmao
Ugh 😻😻😻 he’s so lovely


I’d rather date an idea;
something I’ll never find.
Sure, I’ll live in the moment,
but I’m never happy here
I’m surrounded by greener looking time(x)

I’ve still got a lot of feels from Just Friends

jeonghan; everything comes back to you

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feat. Jeonghan x female reader

genre: anti-soulmates!au, angst + a happy ending 

word count: 6764

summary:  After a long-term relationship with Yoon Jeonghan, things get ultimately more painful when he insists that you guys are still suited to stay “best friends”. Nothing’s grand about having your ex constantly coddle you, especially when he has his own terribly perfect life and you think you’re being dropped like a fading blip on his radar.

Love is like a stroke of lightning, they say.

Something so conventionally beautiful, le coup de foudre, the way morning dew kisses scarlet hued roses, rolling across their petals like chilled honey.

That’s not love. Love is the hard water grime on an old pipe, the clogged drain disgusted by bile and years of wear and tear. It’s when that pipe is so full of everything, something so all-encompassing that it needs to burst and smack you in the face.

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