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What are your preferred pronouns, for those like me who for some reason assumed 'he'?

Take your pick! I am just a chick who likes to draw, write, and do all sorts of creative stuff. So call me whatever, just don’t call me late for lunch.

For me, the ultimate compliment is when people don’t actually know off the bat whether I’m a dude or a chick. I absolutely don’t mind disclosing my female status when asked, but seeing as it doesn’t really have any bearing on my creative works, I don’t see the need to bring it up that often.

I’d much rather be known as a “great writer” or “cool artist” than “great girl writer” or “cool lady artist”. Even better, I’d just like to be known as a rad human being. So when people don’t actually know, don’t really care, and are just assuming based off of whatever they want to assume about me from my works alone, I absolutely love it! 

With the massive variety of stuff I love to do, life’s too short to worry about what people call me:

A concise list of things I ship (in no particular order)

1. Stormpilot

2. Kylux

3. Finnrey

5. Han Solo x crippling debt

6. Luke and Wedge

7. bodhi rook and happiness

8. chirrut and baze

9. jar jar binks and getting away from me

10. rey and moana (listen it just works for me ok)

11. general hux and skin tight body suits

12. poe dameron and The Lip Bite™

13. r2 and 3po

14. Finn + my own shameless self insert

15. kylo ren and a box of four ply tissues

Did someone say modern step sibling au lmao
I mentioned writing this before, I was gonna make it one long fic but i decided to break it up into a few shorter ones? It wont be that long tho I just don’t want it all to be in one thing.
ANYWAY, this is a modern au featuring JD and Heather Chandler as step siblings who are desperate for Veronica, a Known Bisexual. It’s honestly equal parts jdonica and chansaw so hopefully you’re into that lol. Here’s part one!

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Happy Valentine’s Day (almost) ya bunch of shippers! I must say, I’m a little skeptical for the reveal episode. Either someone is going to get amnesia right after, or have to move away, ooor…be stuck in an eternal loop of cluelessness. And then live happily and troll-fully ever after! Yaay!

Side thought: Do you think there are families in the Miraculous universe who have lost grandparents, siblings, or their own children at masquerade balls? I mean, these masks are just *teeth click* top notch quality; no one seems to know who you are when wearing one. Like, you’d go into a masquerade and think all your friends and family ditched you forever, or you’d get accidentally adopted by the family down the street. Or Masquerades could have been outlawed for this very reason; “masks for superheroes only!” o_o;

Diabolik Lovers Versus III Vol. 3
Subaru (CV. Kondo Takashi) & Kou (CV. Kimura Ryohei)
Diabolik Lovers Versus III Vol. 3

Diabolik Lovers Versus III Vol.3 // Subaru vs. Kou Translation

(。「´-ω・)ン  Heyyo sinners~! Subaru and Kou are like my favorite rivals in the series. So! I decided to take a crack at translating their versus.  (๑꒪▿꒪)*    Aaaaah. This is my first DL CD translation and I’m not too confident when it comes to audio translating. So please go easy on me haha.  

  ʅฺ(・ω・。)ʃฺ  As for other versus translations, there’s a good chance I might give Shu and Yuma a go. Doo bap da dop~~ ♪♫

The audio is the entire CD. ヽ(・ω・ゞ) After a track finishes, you will hear a quick ding. If you’d prefer to download the CD, then here’s a link. Rest of the tracks are after the read more.

╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑  I enjoyed the CD and I hope you do too!

Track 01: Invitation To A Party

Subaru: Sigh, that damn guy. To send us an invitation? Just what is he thinking? I’m not in the mood to go.Kch! *starts ripping the invite* Ggh! *rip* Hegh. Ahh. Damn it! The old man’s power really pisses me off. He doesn’t even need to be here to irritate me. And her! Pisses me off how she always accepts this crap so readily!  What a pain.

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5 Reasons He Would Never Let Her Go

Title: 5 Reasons He Would Never Let Her Go

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Natsu Dragneel/Lucy Heartfilia

Summary: He decided this was the girl he would never let go. [College!AU]

Note: Written for @stardresss for Valentine’s exchange fic. I initially plan to put Gajevy as side pairing, but I got carried away and I ended up writing way too long that I can’t afford to put side pairings anymore. In fact, I can write longer for this fic just for NaLu but let’s not get there LOL. I had so much fun writing this. So here’s your NaLu college AU! Hope you enjoy. Happy Valentine, from your viva valentine! :D

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exo in malaysia

junmyeon: absolute dad. learned more english just so he could talk to us but asked ‘do you understand’ a lot. milky skinned pretty man with the attitude of a king like you don’t understand he literally looks like a rich sugar daddy with his patterned shirt half tucked in and perfectly parted hair. really wanted it to rain and then was so, so happy it did. ‘malaysia are you having fun???’ x500

minseok: hyped up so hype jumping dancing spinning everywhere dance with me everyone, literally the most excited person alive and sings so well. someone calm this child down. has a very cheeky face his smile is sweeter than what it looks in pictures which only makes him look cuter. oldest but acts more childish than the youngest but really so much energy. got shy when we sung happy birthday to him to the point of covering his face and everyone was cooing half hearts full heart everywhere

jongdae: loud boy. ‘MALAYSIA’. king of high notes boy your voice sounds better live than anyone i’ve ever heard get out of here. people said he could be a rock singer and i agree his voice is a powerhouse thank god the venue didn’t have a roof or it would have been blown off. respectful son, very kind and very well spoken. with the exception of 'it’s hot here not because of the weather but because of ALL OF YOU’. flirt. don’t hurt my heart this way.

kyungsoo: stoic handsome man. good shoulders, good eyebrows, good everything. total showoff with his sexy sexy vocals (like how dare you sing one line of TMWIL and completely destroy us all???). staring. head bobbing on point i’ve never seen anyone look so spectacular while moving their head from side to side. so many toys how many stringy squishy toys do you need i think he had five or six, very smol but very manly. big smiles all around though tonight he was very bubbly and happy i enjoyed it very much

baekhyun: E X T R A. deep laugh. 'COME ON’. adlibs for days and so happy, radiates energy makes you excited just by existing. was the first to yell MALAYSIA let me tell you my life flashed before my eyes. very smiley very charming. the type of person who is very soft but has a strong manly side, you instantly want to be friends with him. also 'i wish it would rain more right now!’ even if that means we have to drive home in terrible weather it doesn’t matter it has to rain more now because he likes it and God would take one look at him and send a downpour

chanyeol: the biggest tease to ever grace the surface of the earth. sir can you stop wearing your jackets around your elbows i can’t stop staring at your shoulders. also stop tipping your head back like that please thank you. very very handsome okay listen you have no idea his big ears and eyes and he’s very sexy also very excited. dancing because it rained. good rapping good guitar good singing good playing i felt personally attacked but i guess that was the point. if you look up boyfriend in the dictionary there’s just a picture of him also im still laughing at the bug incident he threw his jersey across the stage. needs to calm down

jongin: kind pure sweet darling boy. purer and lovelier than you can ever imagine. so soft and graceful and full of happiness the sun basically shines from his face let me tell you. skin like golden honey. serious split personality one moment is squish next is stop. please, i can’t deal with you smirking anymore. just so precious, really, i thought he was before but now i can’t express it enough. smiles and cuteness everywhere and so much sweat, sleeveless shirts and waving everywhere. type of boy who comes right to the edge of the stage and wants to look at every person in the crowd, was pouty because the stage didn’t stretch all the way around the stadium. honestly just the most wonderful person to exist ever how did we ever deserve to be so blessed with his existence

sehun: brat x1000. beautiful tall boy with a much deeper voice than expected. please don’t translate for him he wants us non koreans to understand him but is a total troll (lucky we malaysians are smart hurr hurr). takes his sweet time won’t hurry for anyone not even junmyeon, wears his cap so low no one can see his face from the screen, walks so slow and with such swagger i literally said brat out loud in the middle of the crowd. should release a solo album. sang for us and it was very nice, thank you for blessing us with your vocals. very very handsome what everyone says about him being even more handsome in person is true. pinky swear. 'you’ll wait for us right?’ 'promise?’ really such a good boy all love to him

So like I totally had a dream today where Kuroo was hanging out with a crew that was talking shit about love and childhood friends hating on Iwa-chan and  Kuroo stood up for him and they started talking shit about Kuroo then Kenma walked by and punched one guy in the face then the others got mad and wanted to fight Kenma so Kuroo took three of them down(fighting of course)and they both ran away together and went into Kenma’s house and locked the door and just starting laughing and I just woke up really happy today! thanks dreams. I partially blame my wroungnumberAu cause I’ve been drawing nonstop lol but yea just wanted to share.

Maybe (Leonard Snart x Reader)

Request:Hey!!! Would you be open to writing a story about my favorite two charries. Snart and Mick, reader is Micks sister she gets a electric gun from snart her boyfriend but although she doesn’t mind hiding them and stuff she does mind being a criminal herself. :) i think it could be a nice imagine xxxx loyal reader 

Prompt: Your brother Mick and your boyfriend Snart hide at your place. Snart invites you into their life of crime.

Warning: none? Mention of guns? Mick makes a somewhat inappropriate joke lol


A/N: I’m sorry for the small mistakes lol I typed this on my phone late at night and sometimes things get away from my proofreading. Happy Reading!

You sat on your couch with your legs on top of the table as you tinkered with your gift from Snart. You were shocked he had gotten you an electricity gun but you absolutely loved it. Mick, your brother, liked to tease you by saying it was just a big taser. He isn’t completely wrong but Snart said that the genius at S.T.A.R labs who made it did it so that it could very lightly taser someone or power a small city which is pretty badass and makes it a little more than a big taser.

You aimed the gun at the wall enjoying the light weight of it when you heard a loud knock on the door. You put the gun on the table and walked over to the door. When you opened it you were surprised to find your boyfriend Len with Mick just a few feet behind him.

“Hey, kid.” he smiles for two second before it’s gone and steps into the house. Leonard walks in right behind him, but places a quick kiss on your cheek before doing so.

“What are you guys doing?” you asked as you closed and locked the door behind you.

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I just started replaying ffx for my bday which was a few days ago cause it's my first and fav FF it was just soooo nice

aw happy belated birthday! <3 and yeah i know what you mean. the story, the characters, the music i love it all. probably sounds dumb but i remember when ffx first came out and i was just blown away how beautiful the cover was

15 years later and i’m still like….. this is so pretty lol and we cant forget

god i just fucking wish i didnt fuck up with you ahaha. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. its my fault we didnt “work out” i know that it is and fuck i want you back ha and its probably been 10x better with me away and i hope youre happy but saying that makes me fucking sad. i fuck everything up that is good in my life lol


I like how the sisters are just using him as a makeshift pillow.  Lynn’s already fast asleep, Lori doesn’t care what he says, and Lucy is just happy knowing he can’t get away.  Luan isn’t making things easier lol.

I wont be surprised if Lucy did have a miniature guillotine.  

I guess Lily is giving him a goodnight kiss just like he gives her.  

All credit goes to Zrei.

I think it’s day 10 or 11? of no cymbalta, and today is blessedly better than yesterday. My tummy is pretty fragile thanks to throwing up last night, but other than that and some Major Fatigue, today has been pretty easy. 

Basically I’ve napped the day away, but I did just manage to eat some gluten free bagel chips and they’re sitting pretty well. Very happy about that lol

Thanks everybody for sending me your good vibes last night. I think it definitely helped!

Winchester Sister- I’m Here

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Title: I’m Here

Parings: Dean x sister!reader, Dean x lover

Words: 1366

Warnings: Anxiety

Summary:  Reader with anxiety has a panic attack while Sam and Dean are away and tries to control it. But when it gets out of hand, she calls her big brother for help.

(A/N: yeah so I have anxiety and I just kinda wrote what it’s like for me to have an anxiety attack (which sucks, i might add lol) but anyways if any of you are struggling with anxiety or just anything in general message me, I’d be absolutely happy to listen to you and help you (just remember that I’m not like a doctor or anything, but I can help you as a friend<3) and just remember that I love you soo much and it does get better)

xx JC


It has been just you and Dean in the bunker for the past two days. Sam found a hunt in the next state over and it was small enough that he decided that he’d take care of it himself. You and Dean have been relaxing ever since, since it is mostly Sam who has to tell you both to do your laundry or to clean the kitchen. With the bunker in a mess, you two are happy as can be.

You are watching a movie in your room when you hear a knock on your door followed by Dean peaking his head through, “Hey (Y/N), I’m about to head out. I probably won’t be home until the morning…”

Dean trails off, but you know what he’s hinting at. He wants to go to the local bar and bang whatever hot woman he can find. You frown at him and shake your head, “Really Dean? But whatever, just pick me up some food whenever you get back.”

Dean smiles smugly before his face turns serious, “Are you going to be okay here alone? Because I will stay home if you feel like you’re going to have, uh, one of your, uh-”

“I’ll be fine Dean. Go on before all the hot ones leave.” You try to joke as you save him the trouble of the uncomfortable talk about your anxiety. Dean smiles one last time before saying an ‘I love you’ and leaving for the bar. Your smile fades and your face is soon filled with worry, but you of course are not about to tell Dean that you have in fact had that nagging feeling in your stomach the whole day. The kind of nagging that has always told you that there is something to worry and stress over and it won’t stop until it has you in its grip and you are worrying over something totally stupid. But Dean shouldn’t have to worry about it too, it’s your problem not his, he has a life of his own and his own demons to battle, so he shouldn’t have to cancel his plans and fight your demons for you.

It’s been two hours since Dean left and the feeling of worry starts to creep into your mind again. Sam should be back by now, the monster has probably been torturing him and he’s going to die if he isn’t already. You try to shake the thoughts out of your head but they continue to run through. His blood is probably dripping out of his body and he is screaming for you to help him. You feel your heartrate begin to pick up and your hands become cold and clammy. If he dies, it’ll be your fault.

Your eyes widen and you try to take a breath but it becomes incredibly hard to breathe. Your breaths are shallow and tears start to pour out of your eyes. You tell yourself to calm down but nothing you do seems to work. You try to control your breathing how your brothers have taught you, but they still come out it short, frightening gasps. It panics you more because you can’t breathe, feeling as if someone is strangling your throat.

You violently shake, freezing as if ice pumps through your veins instead of blood. You don’t know what to do anymore, you can’t control it; it’s too big. You cry out as you reach over to your nightstand for your phone and try to look through your contacts through blurry vision.

Dean POV

Dean is in a cheap motel room with a woman. She’s a very attractive woman; Dean knew she was the one right when he walked into the bar. He talked her up a bit, and before he could buy her a third drink, she was already all over him, whispering dirty things into his ear and looking at him with lustful eyes.

He was on top of her now, kissing her neck as she clung onto his for dear life. Her leg hiked over his back and Dean smiling widely on her mouth. All his thoughts and worries are gone and replaced with lust and desire. A whimper escapes her mouth as Dean’s lips travel lower down her body. She latches onto his hair, making Dean moan loudly as their lips reconnect again.

Then his phone rings from his jeans that are discarded on the floor and they both turn to look at it for a second. “Just ignore it,” Dean says huskily as he turns is attention back on the woman and pulls her face to his. The phone stops ringing and they continue as if nothing ever interrupted them. After a few minutes, the familiar sound of Dean’s phone starts to ring again.

The woman begins to get irritated and pulls away from Dean and lays her back onto the bed. Dean huffs before he reaches off the bed and pulls his phone from his wadded jeans. He answers it quickly and lies beside the woman in a erupt manner.

“What?” He asks harshly and watches as the woman moves so her naked body is on top of his, slowly kissing his neck as he listens to silent line.

He is about to hang up when he hears your voice, “D-Dean…”

You are hysterically crying and he can barely understand anything you are saying, “(Y/N)?” He asks, his voice sounding so concerned that the woman stops nibbling on his ear and looks down at him, “(Y/N) what’s wrong?”

“Dean, I-I need help…” You whisper between sobs.

“Okay listen, I’m on my way. I’ll be home in five minutes, just try to stay calm okay?” He says frantically as he pushes the woman off his body and starts to put his clothes on as he is still on the phone with you. “(Y/N) you still there? Just stay calm I’m on my way home.”

He hears you say something inaudible and hang up, and he turns to the woman who has her arms crossed and a sour look on her face.

“That your girlfriend?” She asks, pursing her lips.

“That’s my sister, I have to go.” He says as he grabs his keys from the nightstand in a rush, “I had fun though, we should do this again.”

He slams the door and hastily makes his way to the Impala and speeds off towards the bunker. Once Dean reaches the bunker, he pulls his keys from the ignition and quickly unlocks the door and runs down the stairs. “(Y/N)? (Y/N) where are you?”

He doesn’t see you in the library, so he immediately runs to your room, where he last left you. He opens your door and his heart is shattered to millions of pieces. He sees you in the corner of your room in a fetal position, shaking violently. “(Y/N)!” He says as he walks over to you and kneels in front of you, placing his hands on your shoulders.

“(Y/N), breathe! Hey look at me,” Dean says, and moves your head so you are looking straight into his face. His eyes are filled with worry, but he tries to cover it up so you won’t get worse. He looks into your red, puffy eyes, “Breathe, you have to breathe to calm down, come on I know you can do it.”

Without taking your eyes off his, your breathing slows and your hyperventilating stops. You begin to cry again, hating looking weak in front of either one of your brothers. Dean wraps you in his arms and holds you tight, “I’m here (Y/N), I’m here. Nothing is going to hurt you, I got you. You’re going to be alright.”

After a few minutes of Dean soothing you, you two move to the bed where you nuzzle into Dean’s chest as he runs his hand through your hair, calming you down. You look up at him with your swollen eyes, “Dean, I’m sorry I ruined your night…”

“Nah, don’t worry about it; it was a bust anyways. There wasn’t even any good looking one’s there anyways.” Dean smiles as he places a kiss to your forehead, and you slowly close your exhausted eyes to go to sleep.

  • abusers: And then I said "I wont do it again" ahahahaha can you believe they bought it, it's their own fault at this point for being so stupid, of course I'll do it again I'll do it for as long as I damn well please
  • abusers: I'll do it and then pretend it didn't happen just to really fuck with their brain and to escape any consequences, haha look how lost they look now!
  • abusers: If I say they're hurting me when they call me out I can get away with anything, lol
  • abusers: I'll say I only hurt them because of that one thing they did - lol, look how anxious they're now when doing things! I'm so powerful and I love it
  • abusers: I'll just call them insane if they confront me
  • abusers: wow they look happy, it pisses me off, let's remind them of what a failure they are using every single one of their insecurities
  • abusers: that's better, mental breakdown and suicidal depression, know your place, stupid
  • abusers: I'm still a great person tho my victim just doesn't count as a human so anything I do to them is justified and should be taken as a joke! :)

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One of the reasons elide is my fave is bc of her disability-finally I get to see someone like me in a regular book having adventures etc showing people that disabled people are whole means so so much to me, you have no idea 2/

and omg if she gets magically healed I will actually lose it) anyway idk what I’m trying to say but I’m kinda dreading chaols novella and anticipating hurt that I understand ablebodied people might not understand I just wanted to get that out there (also ty for letting ur blog be rant safe lol) 3/3

I’m so glad you can see yourself in Elide!! That makes me happy. And ugh. If she gets magically healed I will SCREAM. I get that Yrene could feasibly, help with some of the pain. But if she’s going to heal Elide, I need a LOT. Like Yrene having to rebreak the bones and cut her open and go in a scrape away tissue and misshapen bone—real world surgery shit. If she just waves her hand and suddenly Elide is fine, I’ll scream. Ugh. Please. God. No. And I feel you on Chaol’s novel. Cuz I think he will be healed. But there is a way to do it so that it’s not a magical cure all. And I think it could be a nice moment for Maas to shed some light on some of her readers who can identify with his situation. And hopefully do some real good. But there is a way to do it. And yeah. And you’re welcome! Blog is always safe for rants!